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My god, I hate System Wars

I'm beginning to have doubts about whether I should stay at Gamespot or not. Maybe I should just stay to review games and watch game coverage. But the forums are populated by nothing but greasy fanboys who only perpetuate the stereotypes of gamers. All they know how to do is start arguments about which system is better and which system is terrible. If something is not an X flop, then it's a Gaystation. Everything is "this sucks" with no reasoning as to why they feel a certain way about a game and with no consideration to graphics or gameplay or popularity. Everything is either a 1 or a 10, a AAA or a flop. And when somebody tries to defend their opinion, somebody shoots back with some meaningless statement and goes "HA I OWNED U" or "UR GAY". Another trend I hate are all these posts about japanese RPGs being better than western RPGs or western RPGs being better than japanese RPGs. It's all so stupid. These are just games, people. Don't control the fate of the universe, and they're not worth flaming people over. Just shut up and play them to have fun. Because the vast majority of the world really just doesn't care.