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:lol: i think this 3 videos sum it up why i and many others dont like shooters these days

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me and 90% would say silent hill 2 but so longer you play the series so more you will like silent hill 3. 3 has the best graphics, art design and is the scariest of them all. Silnet hill 2 loses a bit of its scariniess so more you play while 3 feels always like you did played 8 years ago.

For me the first game game feels a bit too old, espacially the dialouge between main characters is very short thanks to the cd unlike other silent hill games that had all this weird conversation going on which contribited heavily to the awesomeness of the story line. And obviously 4 is meh for me.

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buy a ps4 right know, consoles are always best if you buy them at start. The PS4 is also stronger than the specs you have listed