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Try pressing right just before K+H, there are a few strange commands like this that won't register unless the D pad movement is done slightly before the button press


Ah I see I mis read your post, you need to hit G just as the K connects

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No love for Bai Hu? The nunchaku wielding power monger from Breakers Revenge? That Nunchaku super was always primed and ready to go no matter what you did. I wish someone would start a kickstarter campaign and create a SNK Boss battle game with all the bosses from every SNK fighter
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The game is officially confirmed and there are video's of Jago and Sabrewolf all over the internet however which of your favourite KI characters do you want to see in the game? I'm hoping Cinder, Spinal, Fulgore and Kim Wu make it in

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[QUOTE="Bazman76"]Which game is the guy playing in the video on the link below? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-22885595 It looks a bit lie SF X Tekken but I don't recognise the characters?

That's the newly announced Killer Instinct exclusive for Xbox One
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I saw the games with gold as a softening blow to all those who were upset over DRM and online check ins. On the plus side it's nice to have something for free however you pay for XBL so in fact it's not free.
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Quake 2!

Not really a fighting game my friend
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Unlocked Mamiya's towel costume by completing her Dream Mode, how I understand it you have to complete a certain characters Dream Mode to unlock their EX. The characters are:


Toki Before sickness costume

Rei white hair costume

Jagi maskless costume

Any updates or changes to this would be greatly appreciated :)


Changed post since I have now completed every characters Dream Modes and the costumes listed above are the ones you get.

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TTT2 has more replay value than DOA5, there's a whole load of customization options, ending movies, classic costumes etc. TTT2 definitely has more content but I prefer DOA5's tag mechanics to Tekkens.
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At first I ordered it since it was cheap (17 pounds) and looked rather fun, but now I'm hooked. Crazy wacky character designs, brutal beat em up style combat plus loads of extra content. Honestly feel like I found a real bargain :)
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The idea of a fighting game set in the 18th century/classical periods featuring some of history's greatest fighters/most prolific figures, would you like the idea?

What fighters should be present?

What locations?