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Xbox One DRM is gone...but gamers still complain?

It may be old news that Microsoft have revesed some of the DRM policies associated with the Xbox One console, however the scars remain for many gamers and I sit here wondering why? The idea of the DRM policies being a bad thing is open for discussion however why do gamers feel so violated? Let me ask you all a very honest question:


Did any of you actually buy an Xbox One console yet? The answer is no because it does not go on sale until some time in November. So then why do gamers feel that their rights have somehow been affected when none of them even purchased the console to begin with. A similar situation would be a restaurant giving you a cheese burger when you specifically asked for no cheese. They apologize and bring you a fresh burger with no cheese, however insulted you refuse this and complain...even though no money was exchanged.


Did they charge you for the cheese burger? No


Did they listen and bring you what you ordered originally? Yes


So then why do you feel so violated as if your rights have been affected somehow? MS listened to your concerns and changed their policies accordingly, they took the cheese burger away and brought you a nice plain one metaphorically speaking. If the Xbox One had been released with these DRM issues then I could certainly understand gamers reactions, however this is simply not the case.


Gaming is going digital whether you like it or not and nothing is going to change that. dlc and digital downloads are increasing by the day and eventually will become the standard media for videogames. The days of disk based games are coming to an end, it's cheaper for the company's and cheaper for the consumer all round.


The idea of well they were going to do this is absurd since they didn't, one could argue your crying over spilt milk when the milk has not even be spilled yet.


I remember when gamers went into uproar when Joysticks were replaced with Control Pads, and yet control pads are now widely accepted as the best control scheme for many games. There were also concerns when cassettes were replaced by cartridges, and then they were replaced by disks.


Eventually the idea of a physical representation of your videogame will become a joke and a distant memory left in history lessons.


Either accept the future or find a nice cave and live out your days there...