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When Two Lives Collide


Your business life and your personal life, two parts of the same conundrum or do they deserve to be accepted separately? Recently I have had these two worlds collide when people who know me personally have taken it upon themselves to reveal personal information in regards to myself and my family. They have revealed names, adresses, locations and even confidential information relating directly to them. This is something that I will honestly not tolerate as not only is it ilegal (by English law) but it infringes on my rights as a human being.


I understand that there will be some socially inept sub intellectuals who will take it upon themselves to exhaust all of their anger and frustration at the world unto me. Using your free time to tell someone in no less than 43 comments why you hate them is a rather bizarre pass time indeed. Let me just say that I can't stand football (or soccer as our American cousins call it) however you will never see me posting repeatedly hateful comments on Fifa videos or classic matches.


24 hours seems like a long time but in fact it's not, considering most of us get up around 7:00-7:30 arrangements not withstanding of course. Now take into consideration that most will be in bed around 11:00 and theres not many hours your left to play with. In conclusion only a complete and utter deluded idiot with no social struture would waste time hating on a video or person just for fun. Then again these are the type of people that believe the word syntax is an insult, yes this actually happened to me.


And so the worlds collide and keeping them separate seems harder by the day, internet acquaintances become friends and friends become close friends. In the end it seems nothing separates my real life friends from my internet friends and vise versa. As my popularity on youtube and twitter increases I can expect this sort of insident to become more frequent.


Until ultimately there is no business life or personal life, there is simply my life...