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Twitter Truths and Deal With It


First of all my new twitter account @RealENGDragon


Now onto some truths and recent goings on in the gaming world:


So Cliff Bleszinski wants us all to deal with it regarding the current always online rumor of Microsofts new console. First things first, the man is fully entitled to his opinion regardless, people should be tolerant towards any infringed ignorance that may be on display. Me personally I see good points and bad points to an always online console.


The good points first:


It (almost) eradicates piracy since when the internet is not detected any app or game will fail to execute. Though I'm sure our hack happy friends will find a way to bypass this issue (they always seem to)


Actually...I honestly can't think of any other good points regarding a system that fails to work should an internet connection be non detectable.


What if your internet is down for maintenance? This does happen it's not a myth Mr Cliffy B


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In this instance what are you to do other than rock back and forth possibly frothing at the mouth before you get your fix of GOW 4, or Halo 5?


The real truth surrounding this issue is not as simple as some what like you to belive.