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The Passion Of EVO

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EVO or more appropriately the Evolution Championship Series, the largest fighting game event on the planet where the best players in the world face each other in a battle of wits cunning and skill to determine who is the best in the world. Just like the World Cup is a huge deal to football fans, or the Ashes are a huge deal to Cricket fans, EVO is a huge deal for fighting game fans and players. Others may have trouble understanding why a venue full mostly of men is cheering at a screen of two or more characters battling it out. However in that same vein I honestly don't understand why Football fans go crazy when the ball crosses that goal line.


The answer is simple...passion


Passion is the reason why these warriors train so religiously in their craft, passion is the reason why they enjoy the competition. To the untrained eye it may like two guys/girls merely pressing buttons and moving a stick every so often, that same eye has no idea of the skill levels on display and the incredible ingenuity of these players. They see gamers and think geeks, nerds, wasters, a person with more time on their hands than sence. However I say the same about a footballer or a tennis player although the difference is that I can appreciate the insane amount of trainning and dedication that has brought such an athlete to that level.


So in this same way cannot those onlookers treat the EVO participants with the same amount of appreciation? Obviously they have no idea what is going on but surely they must appreciate the years of training to acquire such skills?


I'm hoping that at this years EVO those untrained eyes may understand a little more the huge efforts on display and eventually come to accept these warriors as more than just gamers but people.


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