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The art of winning by losing

The other day something very strange happened to me. Whilst playing VF5 with my "friend" (the quotes indicating we are no longer friends, but the reason we aint has got nothing to do with this) I noticed the anger and frustration I was creating by constantly beating him round after round.

Now me personally I don't care if I win or lose (saying that I much prefer to win) it's the fact I'm round me mates having a laugh and playing on his 360. My mate got really upset that I beat him and blamed it on me using "cheap" moves to win. Then when we played Fight Night (on the 360) rather than lose to me he hit me a few low blows and got disqualified.

In his mind he didn't lose cos I didn't knock him out. However in my mind I realised I was never gonna beat him at all. At the end of the day it's a game, there's no huge prize (other than your own ego) for beating your mate at VF5. People need to understand that winning isn't everything.

Just enjoy the experience, if you lose then you lose it's no big deal. Simply learn from it so you can be better next time.