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Stop Trolling Microsoft


Honestly this whole lets troll Microsoft in a feeble attempt to get attention is getting rather old rather quickly. People are upset over perceived invasion of rights and privileges however no one is forcing you to commit to any contract or purchase. Don't like where their management is taking the company? Fine send them an email to the appropriate address and adress your concerns with them. Every company has a sort of customer complaints devision and believe it or not the company WILL listen to them so long as you represent your concerns in an intellectual manner.


However DON'T:


Abuse/spam their twitter feed (it makes you appear as a juvenile delinquent devoid of character)


Abuse/spam their Facebook pages (same reasons as above)


Make quite frankly ridiculous and stupid pictures to ridule their character (your not a child are you)


I've mentioned previously that digital downloads are taking precedence regardless of your personal feelings towards them. Eventually Sony and MS will distribute their games via downloads only as it's cheaper for them and you. You need only look at the cost of packaging and producing the content on disk to realize that digital downloads are the way to go for big business.


You may well think Sony is something of a messiah with their E3 conference however they too will release games via download eventually. Why wouldn't they? They are a business after all and they want to make profits with minimum costs With E3 Sony simply told you what you wanted to hear however MS told you the truth the future of gaming.


I can understand your not happy with where gaming is going, I'm sure those arcade operators in 1972 were not too pleased to hear that a console named the Magnavox Odyssey would promise to bring arcade entertainment into your living room. What about those gaming fans in the 70's that said Joysticks were the only way to play videogames? Gaming is changing and we all better prepare for it or forever live in the past.


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