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Not Blogged for ages :(


Not blogged for a while so thought it was high time I wrote one.


Had to walk down 15 flights of stairs this morning as the lifts were out...AGAIN and then had to walk up all 210 steps when I came back. Great workout I highly recommend it #sarcasm...


So whats been going on well I left the mighty Flea production company that I was a part of, a lot of things happened and people are asking me for the truth. Professionally I've given the normal I want to do other things excuse but personally the the truth is very different. I may speak about it at some time but right now I want to focus on the positives, there are many great games coming out soon and with E3 just round the corner well it's a great time to be a gamer.


Anything in particular you guys are looking forward to with E3? Any games or announcements?


I can't wait to see what the PS4 finally looks like, couldn't be much worse than the Xbox One that's for sure.


Then there is the whole Killer Instinct news, Rare's website now has a section for the fighting game but it's blank. My reasoning is we are going to get the original games on XBLA which I wouldn't mind at all to be honest. However I better not see Killer Instinct Kinect or Killer Instinct workout fantasia I may just put salt in Bill Gates coffee if that happens.


I'm loving those Rockstar energy drinks too at the moment, I know they are bad for me but I don't care when they taste so good. Why is it that the things that taste so good are so bad for your health?


That's all I can think of right now to talk about, hoping your all good and life is treating you all well :)