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Next Gen Is Here...DEAL WITH IT


So many rumors and embellished conjecture are the decorations for an otherwise fantastic event in gaming history...the reveal of a new console. No matter how you want to look at things there is an undeniable fact when it comes to multimedia company's, they all want that magic box that can deliver all types of entertainment medium to you instantly. It's much more cost effective to them and you the consumer.


People will play on the misconstrued fact by stating we want a console to play games and only games in case people forget Nintendo actually applied this theory with a little console called the Gamecube which simply played games and nothing else. The console failed once people realized it would not play their DVD's or CD's, no one wants several little boxes littering your home that all deliver various types of media.


We have become a society of people that wants..NO demands every form of entertainment medium instantly. When I was a child and I was stuck on a particular game I would have to talk to friends who had the game or wait until an edition of Gamesmaster and hope they at least mentioned something of my plite. Now however you can take out your phone and instantly discover how you attack with 550 HP damage on that new sword you found.


Instant gratification is the order of the day now, films, games, apps, even food can be delivered to your starving senses within minutes. People may mock the new pizza ordering app but to MS and it's customers it's an extremely cost effective and smart business move. Times are changing and so is the demographic, consumers want instant delights and instant thrills, they care little for leveling up or difficult gameplay.


Hence this fact gaming has become easier and completion times have decreased, it is simply companies giving YOU want YOU demanded.


YOU demanded extra content now know as dlc, and the companies were only too happy to feed your aching minds.


YOU demanded games to become easier by using the internet to spoil boss battles, and checking youtube so you can have the best time on Trials.


YOU demanded shorter games since as a society we are more active and have less time to play games, when we do play we want the quick thrill of feeling like a god after a 12 hour shift.


Stop living in the Neolithic age come out of your cave and stop carving animals at Gobekli Tepe, realize and understand that the future is here and if you don't like it...well have fun with those stone age tools.


As for the rest of us we will enjoy a new age of not just gaming but a new era in the consummation of this new entertainment medium.