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Killer Instinct Returns!


Firstly my own reaction to the news in it's uncut unedited form http://youtu.be/lGiMoojE8V4


So I'm sitting at my PC desk I have Gamespot's live coverage of the Microsoft conference streaming not much is exciting me. Suddenly the screen glows a green hue and the letters KI are formed this is when I knew Killer Instinct was set to return. We were treated to a short 30 second trailer however just seeing those letters was enough to send me into a crazy frenzy screaming It can't be true the neighbors must think I'm a lunatic by now. I cared little surrounding their opinions of me however as the game I've waited nearly 20 years for is finally getting it's well deserved release.....on the Xbox One


My initial excitement slowly turned to dread as I realized the game was an exclusive on MS's new console. My thoughts turned to money, was I seriously going to spend more than £500 (console, game plus another controller) to enjoy an experience 20 years in the making? Damn right you are, says my inner 14 year old self, you gotta be joking says my 30 year old hardcore gamer pychy. To make matters incredibly worse the more I saw of the game the more I wanted to get my hands on it. Every new KI related video made me hunger more for it, and unquenchable thirst that simply would not be ignored.


Delving deeper into the core mechanics the developers Double Helix are really pushing to make it tournament worthy and casually appealing. Punishing turtle like play and balancing out the combo breaker system is pleasing to the ears of the hardcore tournament player. However alternate colors and costumes plus a comprehensive 1 player experience promise joys to the casual onlooker. The game certainly looks the par too with fully destructible stages fats flowing combat all in beautiful 1080p 60 fps.


At the moment I am in two minds as to what I should do, I love KI and the new game looks amazing however can I really spend that amount of money for one game? What would you guys do given the circumstances?