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Gamespot Be Honest?

I wanted to gauge what people really think of me and my youtube channel since a few times I've noticed people call my accent scary. I'll be honest I do have a thick common English accent that many countries are not familiar with. Most countries see the English accent as something like "good day old chap cup of tea" and all that jazz.

The truth is the true English accent is nothing like that, it's very different indeed. So please leave your comments and let me know maybe I should do my video's in a different accent :P

My Most Controversial Video Is Coming...

Every Monday for the last four months you have listened to me rant and rave and show my disgust for all things generic and mediocre. However this Monday I will take a subject and tear it to pieces, I will brake down the walls of genericism and build upon the foundations of individualism. Mark your calenders and mark them well, the game sold over 3 million copy's on the SNES and even outsold the mighty Super Street Fighter 2.

Not many fighting game fans dare to mention it due to fear of ridicule, however I will set the record straight and the opinions to bluster.

Do you have the instinct?

Happy Chinese New Year GS

Hey there GS users today is the Chinese new year of the dragon, now I'm not Chinese but I don't think you have to be part of a race to celebrate their beliefs :) I love Chinese and Japanese culture then again I love Asian culture as a whole. I will be celebrating like everyone else today and I wanted to know if you guys are doing anything to mark the event?

On a completely different subject I have decided to make GS videos exclusive for this site. My youtube vids are great and everything but they are strictly adult. I want to create some videos that all age ranges can watch with the same amount of venom from my normal videos.

Thanks for reading guys and I'll catch you all laters :)

Thank You And Updates

www.youtube.com/dragonps = Latest video :)

Ok so I know I've fallen behind when it comes to blogging so I am trying to write one every Monday and Friday. So my latest youtube video is a big thank you to all my youtube peeps but I realized that I hadn't thanked you guys. Your all good honest helpful people (well most of you :P) and are just as important to me as my "real world" friends.

Ok so updates then well SR3 has actually grown on me a little although I still say the second game is better. Got my character back up to Lvl 34 on Skyrim and decided I'm not gonna bother with the main quest and will simply travel the world and complete side quests.

On ide note (if you've read this far :P) what kind of video's would you like to see me do in the future?

Any ideas?

The End Of 2011

Well it's coming to the end of 2011 a year filled with disappointments, love, sweat, tears and even a little bit of blood. Overall the year has been a good one and I've made many new friends here on GS, you all bring something rather different to my life

As we enter 2012 here's hoping that games lose this casual nonsense that we've had to put up with and learn a few lessons from Dark Souls and offer some of us hardcore players a few options.

I'm An Idiot

Why some of you may ask (although not all) well the latest video on my youtube should explain a lot.

You can find my channel HERE

I must point out though that I will not post a direct link to the video as it contains bad language.

However for those of you not interested in the video lets say this, I saved over my main Skyrim save....

Yes I was that stupid I actually saved over it, I was playing on one of my other saves and didn't notice that I was saving over my main one. This morning when I wanted a bit of Skyrim to wake me up I noticed my terrible mistake. Now I'm angry and a little upset at the same time, I must have poured over 80 or so hours in that save which may not sound like a lot but damn it felt like it.

So for the time being I wondered if you guys could give me some advise as to what I should do?

The Story Of The Dragon so far

I was really struggling as to what I should write for this blog, no much has been happening and my fighting game idea had to be dropped for the time being. I find myself almost plodding along trying to find a reason to keep playing Skyrim, only for the endless amount of dungeons to transcend thought process and keep me playing. Not many games have kept my attention for this long the last one probably being Fable TLC

I do my youtube videos although now I see them as more my job than an actual hobby, people (like your good selfs) really do seem interested in my opinions and the crazy way I put them across. It's made me think that I want to make my youtube channel even more professional and maybe even become a partner. Then again so long as people want to see my videos I will make them regardless.

One idea I had was to make a "origins of the dragon" video where I could tell my audience a little more about me and take them on the journey of my life up to this point. Then again could that be seen as self indulgent tripe? Well whatever the prospectus may say I have always done what I felt was right even if the payoff was crushing (my ex girlfriend comes to mind here)

And so I reach this point where I write my blog and keep you all informed as to what I'm doing, although at the same time I can't but think I'm not putting in enough effort. Some people tell me that I do enough already and that I have to wait for fate to get up of his bum and do something....then again would fate say the same to me? He's a fickle fellow fate very fickle, he decides everything you ever dreamed of and will decide ultimately your fate of course.

Let it be said and let the fates quote me, if I work myself to death I care not as I have been true in my life and loves. Let no one shed a tear as they can be saved and used elsewhere, on more important matters of the heart. If you have read this far give your self a smug smile of satisfaction knowing that many would have bothered.

On a final note I hope your all doing well in your lifes and loves that those treat you equally.

For the time being this is the dragon saying sayonara...

GS users I need your advise

ok bit of a strange one this so I'll start from the very beginning it's a very good place to start :P

So a while back I was in my mates gameshop when this guy (a regular customer) comes up to me and threatens to beat the crud outta me. He stayed silent in the shop but nodded topward the shop counter, he then left. I thought nothing of the issue until the other day my mate (who owns the shop) told me it had all been set up by my other mate (who also works there)

Now I'm kinda stuck as to what I should do, my mate said he meant it as a joke but I can tell you it didn't feel like a joke. Should I get the guy back with a joke of my own or just leave it?

Any suggestions are welcome :P

Skyrim Patch?

Here's my thoughts on the patch but what about you guys? What kind of glitchs have you encountered via your travels on Skrim?