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The Killer Instinct Challenge

Here's the video for your viewing pleasure http://youtu.be/vMiqDrBN7h0

Now here's the story of how this challenge came to be:

Around two weeks ago myself and my friend were talking on Facebook, we were reminiscing about martial arts and the times we used to train. He asked me if I still had it, I replied yes and said I could take him any day. His response was a challenge but not in the traditional way, he purposed that we fight on Killer Instinct for the snes since that was the only version he said he had played. I asked him if he was sure considering out of every fighting game I have played KI was the one I put the most hours into around 800 odd last time I checked.

I offered a few other fighters such as SSF4AE or KOF13 he refused and said he wanted to play KI. Never one to back down from any challenge I accepted and the stage was set for our encounter.


When I got to the shop I had brought two controllers (since he told me he didn't want to use my arcade stick) I let him use my comp pro pad as it's designed for fighting games. Throughout the fight I heard him complain that the pad wasn't working or his moves wouldn't come out. It didn't bother me, it only strengthened my will to beat him. The fight itself was rather one sided as you will see in the video, and surprisingly was rather lighthearted.

We are still good friends but I think he knows never to challenge me to a game I've played since I was a kid. Next time I think he will stick to Tekken

Video Game Violence The Myth

There has always been this huge myth surrounding the coalition between video games and violent acts committed by the people who play them. As a huge fan of video gaming from an early age (I remember playing the C64 when dinosaurs ruled the earth) I have always been exposed to their fictional world of entertainment. Around this same time I was exposed to violent films such as The Terminator and Robocop films that carried 18 certificates at that time. Watching them my grandmother was always quick to point out that the action was fantasy and that such things never happened in real life.

Because of this I was able very clearly to differentiate the differences between reality and fiction. My nan was somewhat old school in her parenting ways however she had managed to adapt herself to the current way of thinking rather than be stuck in the 1930's. She taught me right from wrong, selfishness from selflessness. I understood what was the right thing to do and what was the wrong thing to do, I understood that the characters in games and TV were nothing more than actors created to entertain.

It is due to those parenting skills that I have become the responsible sensible adult I am today, I have my hero's and favorite characters but I know they are fictional creations for my entertainment.

Some people it seems, children and adults are not able to differentiate between the worlds of reality and fiction, to them the worlds merge as one and then horrifying atrocities are committed. These people were psychologically disturbed or due to bad parenting were not shown that video games are fiction. Maybe their parents left them in their rooms to play all day and never took an active role in their child's development. Maybe they used video games as a substitute for a babysitter and allowed their children to have delusions of grandeur.

Whatever the reason, parents cannot blame video games for their own failings and ignorance. They must take responsibility for the content their children are exposed to, don't blame the TV if you have the means to change the channel.

In conclusion: There is no credible scientific evidence to suggest playing video games changes your mental state, or causes psychological trauma or mental instability.

The Return of The Dragon

Not that I really went anywhere however since I had not blogged in a long time It seemed rather applicable. So where to start well, I got myself VF5FS on XBLA playing it loads at the mo loving every moment of it. Was really stressed for a while my head was all over the place due to stress and maybe something I'd eaten.....In any case I'm better now it takes a lot to beat a dragon you know.

Speaking of dragons it's the year of the dragon you know, which I'm hoping means lots of luck for me. I know I'm not on here often and for that I'm sorry, I'm just busy promoting my videos and trying to get a job in the industry (community manager please)

And how are all you guys, hoping you'll leave lots of comments and tell me what you've all been up too whilst I read your blogs :P

Also want to give a shout to someone very special who has helped me through this rather rough time. Thank you JLF :)

Right I'm off I can hear the thundering of society's genericism and I gotta stop it.....

Back from the Expo

Well I'm back from MCM/Comic Con in Birmingham and it was awesome!

Didn't buy much apart from a Bruce Lee cup :P Hey it was only like 5 pound so it's all good.

To be honest the event wasen't really my kind of thing it was full of comic books and movie memorabilia. I went along as it was a day out and it's good to spend time with friends, one of my mates even got himself a date out of the whole thing...sadly I didn't :P Speaking of dates I got asked on one the other day but I said I didn't have the time, which was half right and half a lie. Complicated story maybe for another time.

So I bet you wanna know who I went to the event as...well I went as Jason from those Friday the 13th movies wanna see the pics just head on over to my facebook fanpage :)

However the day was not all smiles and laughs as I saw someone from my past whom I hate and detest like no other, he's a huge Dr Who fan so I kinda knew he would be there. We never locked eyes or anything just walked past eachother but you could have cut that tension with a knife. The guy was the cause of a lot of pain and hurt for me along time ago but like I say it's a story for another time.

Lots of cosplay women there too all looking hot as per usual...didn't really get chace to talk to any of them though. Now thats my type of woman, loves games and anything nerdy ;)

Yes anyway I had a great time and looking forward to talking to all you guys on Fuse :P

DOA5 COMIC CON and other things

I know I should blog more often not sure why I dont anyway on with the blog :P

Been playing the doa5 demo LOTS and I'm loving it to be honest, really improved from 4 just not liking the QTE.....I HATE QTE!!!!!

Anyway yeah DOA5 awesome you know what else is awesome you guys :)

Oh yeah that reminds me in one of my youtube videos I got my friend to join me and give his thoughts, he loved doing it so we are gonna do more in the future. COMIC CON yes I'm going to it on Sunday in fact and I'm going dressed as....sorry I can't say you'll have to wait and find out :P

On another note I hope your all well and life is treating you good :)

Self Destruction

Recently I've noticed I'm becoming very self destructive in everything I do whether it be work or social times. I just can't seem to help myself, eating food I shouldn't physically pushing myself beyond my limits and not really giving a damn about it in the process. In fact the other morning I woke early around 5:00 AM and walked for a good few hours without reason just to get out the house. When I checked the time again it was like 11:00 so I went back home.

I remember one time way back a few years ago I had just broke up with a long term girlfriend and in typical fashion it was raining heavily outside. I walked through that rain no realizing if it was water or tears gushing down my face. I didnt go home I simply kept on walking until the rain decided to stop, I hated that day.

Strange that one night in a crying fit a good friend was talking to me I told him that I couldn't live without this woman. He told me that I was living fine until I met her. Then it hit me I was fine until this moment. I decided to move forward not back and although I'm happy now I can't shake this feeling to do things I now I shouldn't. My family have a history of heart trouble and yet I push myself so hard is it so bad to do that?

Talk to you soon my friends take care

Times Gone By

First of all my new funny video :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDxd3V7BO24

The other night here on GS I was thinking about times gone by, people I've met, ones I've loved and ones I've lost. This month does have a huge significance for me for many reasons, directly relating to the current situation I find myself in. Fate gotta hate it eh, yeah I know you do we all do in fact I think he was bullied at school or something since he's such a bum. Still I sit here and wonder what the future brings for me just like I did many years ago.

"But then one day, someone young and beautiful offers to share their life with you, someone you can care about. We have to give up everything we worked for to have them, I couldn't do it"

The stars so beautiful and yet they only come out at night, as the sun sets only then do wee see them. Just like our selfs we need to close our eyes and open then again to see the true beauty of people. Still most people walk around with their eyes closed to the real world caring instead to see what they want to see.

There is a different between reality and perceived reality.

Yes the dragon can become very deep at times scares even myself, although its nice to have layers to a personality.

Thanks for reading this far (if you have) take care all of you :)

New banner and I'm a Ranger

Thought I would have a change so got a new bann er and user picture, I'll update my blog pic in time just so busy at the moment. Being a ranger is tough but rewarding as your giving something back to the community. I'm not complaining though I like to have busy days far better than sitting on your bum doing nothing :P

Gaming wise I've loving KUF and have been playing mor VF5 to get ready for VF5FS, although my 360 is playing up the usb ports are not working and sometimes the powerpack plays up.

My foot is really getting better which is awesome since it really got me down that I couldn't go out (my foot swole to the size of a football cos I kicked a table) so hoping to go out with friends again very soon.

My youtube is really coming along too over 50 subs in one day I was suprised but it's nice that people like the content I do.

On a final note see if you can guess what the chinese sybols mean above my name and I'll send you a chocolate if I haven't eaten it already :P