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The Reality of Christmas

It's almost here, that time of the year where we pretend to forget about that office affair or the ignorant guy that you work with and celebrate the Mass of Christ. Well that is to say those of the Christian faith celebrate for this reason but what about everyone else? I for instance am not a Christian although I'm not an atheist either I'm what you would call agnostic in this area. Do I believe in a God or a creator of sorts? Yes, do I belive in the Christian version of God? No I do not.

Although I doubt many people today celebrate Xmass for the true meaning of the event, and people such as Sinterklaas have merged with company's such as Coke Cola to create a New Christmas if you will. For instance did you know the first recorded history of a santa was a Danish man dressed in green not red? It is strange that we merely accept these new traditions as if they have been there for centuries, when in reality they are relatively new.

Think back a moment to the amount of money you have spent over the years on wrapping paper for xmass time. Did you know that in 2010 it was calculated American buyers had spent $9.36 Billion on wrapping paper alone? Thats enough money for a huge family to live on for generations.....still wanna gift wrap your Aunt Molly's ankle warmers now?

I'll be celebrating this xmass as I have every other, by not celebrating it at all, maybe I'll have a retro day on my PS2 or watch some classic films I've not seen for a while (Terminator is due a watch)

However I will be creating a rather funny xmass video for youtube next week to be uploaded on xmass eve, keep an eye out for it as I think you'll all love it.

So what you guys up too at xmass time?

Dead or Alive 5...What happened?

Dead or Alive 5 is the fifth fighting game from Tecmos new Itagaki-less Team Ninja, and comes complete with upgraded character models and...well not much else. You see DOA was a rather dark horse back in 1996, the action was fast and fluid and borrowed heavily from Sega's Virtua Fighter series with one unique difference The Counter. However DOA had a few tricks up it's sleeve to give every fighting game at the time a run for their money. First of all the game contained over 100 costumes a number that was absurdly higher than any other fighting game at the time or before. It also contained special danger zones where the player would be knocked higher into the air and be ripe for juggling.

The game was followed up by several updates and console versions and the series had been going strong until now. You see DOA5 tones down some of the rather interesting features of the previous games, gone are the customizable avatars/lobbys from DOA4 replaced with dull bland generic lobbys that leave a lot to be desired. Gone too are the bright colorful stages of DOA2/3/4 replaced with darker moodier levels lacking a color pallete. However maybe the biggest disappointment are the amount of glitches/bugs that the game comes with out of the box (however some updates have fixed these issues) such as a language setting not saving.

Another problem are the amount of recolors and unoriginal costumes in the game, the fact that one has to pay to gain access to some classic costumes feels rather cheap when you take into account the lack of content in the game to start with. Why all the hate however, shouldn't we judge the game as it is and not expect anything too dramatic? The fact is we had to wait seven (yes seven) years for a true squeal to DOA4 and the game we get is severely lacking in content and falls far short of the levels set by other fighting games.

Street Fighter X Tekken allows you to create your own recolored costumes for free, Virtua Fighter 5 FS allows you to create over 254,000 different costume combinations per character for free. Tekken Tag 2 brings back classic costumes and allows you to recolor them as well as in depth customization and decal creation for free. The question is why has Team Ninja not offered any of this content, and the content it does offer requires you to pay extra? Was it laziness on Team Ninjas part or could it be a more alarming case of talent lacking?

Whatever the reason fans are divided on the issue with some happy that customization has not been added and buying the dlc costumes.

The question you must ask your selfs however is... do you want a very good looking game with a lack of content or a good looking game with tonnes of it?

Bruce Lee's 72nd Birthday

So as many of you guys will know I'm a huge Bruce Lee fan and today marks his 72nd birthday. Bruce Lee is probably known as one of the greatest martial artists of all time, however he was more then just a fighter, people forget he was also a husband a father. His impact on the world of martial arts and the world in general has seldom been achieved by any other. However I'm not one of the fans that belives in hero worship on any level, it's unnecessary and simply not needed.

So today I made a video for youtube showing some of my Bruce Lee merchandise you can find all my videos by going to www.youtube.com/dragonps

Later on today I'll be sitting down and watching his movies and playing Bruce Lee themed games, some of which are not that bad lol

Hope your all doing well and have you all started your Xmass shopping yet?

Hard Unlockables Yay or Nay?

Do we love or hate those ridiculously hard unlockables in games? You know the ones, where you have to play as said character X amount of times or get X amount of headshot kills. Case in point DOA5 I'm currently trying to unlock the OP as hell boss character Alpha 152 by collecting 300 titles. The titles are similar to those found in SSF4 to decorate your fight card online. However the requirements for them are insane to say the least:

Play as said character 1000 times online

Win 1000 online fights

Perform 100 Hi Counter Holds (hardest counter in the game)

Bloody hell might as well have an achievement where you have to meet the pope and discuss world peace. Hell why don't I fly to Africa and try to solve world hunger whilst I'm at it? Actually I tried to solve world hunger once with a giant tomato idea that I robbed from an episode of the Simpsons.....didn't work by the way.

So what are your thoughts on said unlocks? Love them or hate them?

Been a while

Certainly has been a while since I blogged last but not so long that I forgot how to type as you can clearly tell. Had something really interesting happen to me the other day, got offered a contract with a channel on youtube.....for 5 years. Yeah it was actually the whole 5 years thing that put me off, I don't really wanna be tied to something for that long would feel like I was married :P

Gaming wise been playing lots of retro as modern gaming has bored me a little, managed to pick up:

Soul Calibur 2: Xbox version and looks amazing, even more so than the PS2

Outrun 2: Again on the Xbox

So how are all you guys? What you been up to/playing?

The Retro vs Modern Debate

Two videos to take into account first:

Now onto the blog itself:

I love retro games they take me back to a time when game development was young and lots of crazy ideas were becoming great games that we all know and love. Not all of them were great games though, in fact not every retro game ever made was awesome some were downright terrible. I can almost see the nightmares of E.T on the Atari or Rise of the Robots on snes/MD not mention the amount of terrible Mega CD games. Yep people forget that not all retro gaming was fun and memorable.

So when a company brings back one of those cherished games from my childhood, I want everyone to embark on that journey like I did all those years ago. I want them to get that feeling I get when I play a (good) retro game after so many years. Although most younger gamers will hate the old school difficulty the pixelated graphic's art style and generally speaking everything about the experience. I don't hate them for that (although a part of me cries ignorance) since I understand they are from a different time to me and expect something a little different, generation gap as they call it.

I want company's to release those classic games but give us a little something extra too, don't just give us a filtered upscaled version with online features that's just lazy (although easier for them I guess)

Take the Sega Vintage Collection: Alex Kidd & Co game recently released on XBLA and PSN. Sega actually included the option to change the region of the games so you could play the NA, EU or Japanese versions. Also Super Hang On is the arcade version with added 3D options. All in all it's a great package and worth the 800 MS points which comes to about 6 pounds and 80 English pence. A bloody bargain if you ask me

I want to enjoy those awesome retro games and I want company's to give me my money's worth is it asking a bit too much?

You tell me, but for now this is the Dragon saying sayonara

I want to be a community manager

When people ask me "what is your ideal job" a few pop into my head. Games designer, astronaut, games designer but the one that stands out for me the most is community manager. I would love that job so much interacting with the gaming community, playing games before they get released, meeting all the hot gaming chicks and telling them of my stories as a level 59 berserk master on some RPG

It's the kind of job that you dream of but seldom ever get the chance to apply for, and when an opportunity does arise you would grab it with both hands feet and anything else that comes to mind.

Is anyone looking for a community manager at the moment?

I have my own hair

I don't take up too much space

I'm compact

I'm flexible (well I can get my left leg over my head)

Signed The Dragon with the ps :D

What Should Gaming Fans Be Entitled To?


This is a really sore subject for me as I hate the idea that fans dictate what should and shouldn't be created in a video game. All we seem to hear these days is fans complaining that some aspect of a game didn't meet their requirements, and so the developers of said game change their original vision to please said fans.

Is this practise right?

Like hell it is!

The developer has a vision for the game THEIR vision, not the fans vision.

What next the developer gives away free games because a game didn't meet the fantasy ideas of a fan?

I'm Sorry

It has recently come to my attention that a friend of mine used my profile without my permission to post spam/advertising content. I wanted to apologize to all of you in the event that this person may have messaged other users etc. Rest assured it WILL NOT happen again I have changed my password and spoken to the person involved.

It is rather embarrassing and I only found out when I received the notification of a warning, let this be a lesson to anyone that you should NEVER let anyone access your profile.

Happy Birthday To My Grandmother

You guys know me as the dragon a guy who rants about anything and everything videogame related and more. How I became this person....now thats a very long story some of which I will share with you today. You see today is the birthday of the person who made me what I am today. She practically raised me from birth and treated me like a son as I treated her like a mother.

She was my grandmother, an old school kinda woman who believed in being tough but fair, and speaking your mind above all else. She was a very outspoken woman and not afraid to tell people what she really thought of them, it's where I get my brutal honesty from.

When I entered into a relationship with my first serious girlfriend all my family hated her and never once made her feel welcome....apart from my nan. She welcomed her and spoke with her whilst the rest of the family turned up their noses. She didn't judge or silently comment, she merely sat there and waited for the inevitable wrath of my family. When that time came my nan looked at them sheepishly before telling them no one can judge, don't point the finger, look at your own ill's first

This was one of those comments that made me love and respect her so much as a person and as a human being.

I will never forget the day she died, and the fact that I was not allowed to attend her funeral. Yes it's true I was denied the opportunity to say goodbye to my grandmother. I will not go into the details but I was emotionally and physically destroyed by this action. I had broken up with the woman I mentioned earlier and so had to deal with this myself, indeed I think it made me a better person made me stronger.

Going to the grave for the first time was hell, truly one of the worst days of my life. My family resented me because I had looked after my nan all her life right up until she was placed in a home. I was surprised to discover my family rarely visited the grave, but at least I knew I would be alone.

Just like a film I saw the grave and broke down accompanied by flooding tears and heavy rain. I feel to my knees my strength depleted, and yet someone I felt myself being lifted up. It was a strange feeling but a nice one, and from that day I became a much stronger person able to deal with things better than I ever had before.

So now whenever a trolls comes for me on YT or a poster tries my patience or even a physical threat presents itself, I ask myself what would my nan do in this situation?

I smile to myself and the answer is always clear.

Thank you nan, till we meet again