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Twitter Truths and Deal With It


First of all my new twitter account @RealENGDragon


Now onto some truths and recent goings on in the gaming world:


So Cliff Bleszinski wants us all to deal with it regarding the current always online rumor of Microsofts new console. First things first, the man is fully entitled to his opinion regardless, people should be tolerant towards any infringed ignorance that may be on display. Me personally I see good points and bad points to an always online console.


The good points first:


It (almost) eradicates piracy since when the internet is not detected any app or game will fail to execute. Though I'm sure our hack happy friends will find a way to bypass this issue (they always seem to)


Actually...I honestly can't think of any other good points regarding a system that fails to work should an internet connection be non detectable.


What if your internet is down for maintenance? This does happen it's not a myth Mr Cliffy B


[URL=http://s159.photobucket.com/user/dragonps/media/Notamyth_zps52813d88.jpg.html] [/URL]


In this instance what are you to do other than rock back and forth possibly frothing at the mouth before you get your fix of GOW 4, or Halo 5?


The real truth surrounding this issue is not as simple as some what like you to belive.

"NEW" Double Dragon 2 Demo Review

As some of you may be aware there is a new version/remake/re imagining of the beloved Double Dragon 2 sitting snugly on your new arcade titles list. Being a huge DD fan (my favourite was always Return on the snes) I decided to download and play the demo and hope that it erased the horror that was Double Dragon Neon from my mind.....oh how wrong I was.


A truly awful combat system coupled with nasty visuals not to mention a below average frame rate (I'm sure it was doing no more than 30fps) made me go back to the dash and check that I had downloaded the right game. Turns out I had downloaded the right game and this piece of clunky clumsy excuse for a videogame was a new version of DD.



I Was Interviewed

Yes it's true for the second part of this dragons are real thing I was interviewed near my home by persons whom wished to remain anonymous. I shall the link the video here:


Can I just say I felt very uncomfortable during the whole thing and I'm not even sure how it turned out and in many ways I honestly don't care. Please watch the video too the end though as these persons promised me a suprise right at the end besides my interview is near the end.

Can You See?

If you can then well done your on your way to understanding the truth, if not keep looking and the truth shall set you free...

What's Better?

Your a game designer and you have a choice for the direction of a new RPG you are creating, do you:


A: Create a huge open world completely non linear however with little attention to detail


B: Create smaller more richly detailed areas with no open world


I personally love the idea of smaller detailed areas as huge open world games can sometimes have rather bland scenery.


However in this instance the choice is yours so comment away ;)

Some answers to your questions

The first part of a three episode documentary was uploaded to youtube and many of you have been asking questions, that whole countdown blog didn't help matters I guess. The truth is...well the truth can be an objectionable thing, however suffice to say I can't really say yet. Part two of the documentary will be uploaded to youtube sometime next week, and features a short interview with me.


There's no doubt that people want to see me back on youtube and I can say that the dragon has heard your cries. More will be revealed in the following weeks but for now I'll love you and leave you ;)

The Countdown Has Begun

I know your all wondering what that video was all about You must be asking yourselves so many questions right now.


Is the dragon going to return?


Why did he do another video after he said he never would again?


Why am I even interested in this guy?


Maybe all your questions will be answered in time.....maybe but for now....


Dragons WTH!!!!

Honestly what the hell is going on here? People keep asking me about dragons, what are my thoughts on them where do I think they came from it's getting silly. I've already said I have no intention of doing youtube videos again and I've stated on numerous occasions why. I mean yeah I was very polite when asked about it the guys even had a camera in my face but I just don't get it. I counted at least 34 messages in my facebook fanpage inbox asking me the same question, is this someones idea of a joke or something?


I mean if it is well I don't find it funny in the slightest, at first maybe I had a giggle about it but now no. It's strange that the first blog from me in a while focuses on things such as this and what on earth is going on in the world of gaming?


Sim City is plagued with problems, Tomb Raider has silenced all the doubters, and on top of that Team Ninja proved they no nothing regarding their fanbase or their beloved franchises. This however is nothing compared to the almighty reveal of THE PLAYSTATION 4 which will be called...umm...the Playstation 4.


So yes there you go my rantring is over feel free to comment and stuff

No More Youtube Videos

As most of you are aware I have stopped uploading videos to my youtube account, my last video uploaded pretty much explains my reasons. However I am currently in the midst of a new project that seems to be taking up all my time. Imagine for a moment history's greatest fighters/most prominent figures fighting to the finish in different eras like Victorian London or The French revolution. The idea has garnered a lot of interest on different sites (though not this one lol) and very soon a Facebook fanpage will be set up and developers contacted.

I honestly feel that 2013 is going to be a defining year for me, quiting youtube feels like a huge load of my back and I can finally move forward and be a little more creative in my approach to things.

Thanks for reading and let me know how you guys have been doing