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Updates; My Game/More Posters Uploaded/More Pics Uploaded

Hey everyone:) Ok first of all my game design has gone to the next stage. Got another meeting with my mate 2moz concerning the art side of things, and hopefully it should go ok. I've uploaded more posters, and I'm very proud of the Dynasty Warriors one:D

Also I've uploaded some AODK (or Aggressors of Dark Kombat) gameplay pics too. Fee free to comment and be as honest as you want when commenting:) That's It for the time being but I want to upload more pics when I got the chance.

Edit: I've uploaded a new vid too:D

So much on my mind

Ok so It's like 2 o clock in the mourning and I can't sleep. I'm so stressed It's unbelievable. The other day whilst walking through the streets of my small town, I saw an old friend. My face turned to pure hatred. Ah maybe I should explain, you see my self and this "friend" were really good mates at one point. I would even go as far to call him my best friend, he was always there for me and we always helped eachother out.

Then on a night out at our local he just didnt seem the same person. I would try and make convesation only to be blanked in the process. The convesation turned to relationships and I asked him If he had asked this girl out that he had become friends with. He became incredibly defencive and told me that his private life was private, and he became very agitated.

This was not the guy I knew, this was some stranger who I didnt know at all. That night instead of taking me to one side and sorting the problem out, he blocked me on myspace (but not before he sent me a 5 paragraph hate message) and MSN and said he never wanted to speak to me again. I tried to contact him but got nothing at all.

When he saw me in town the other day, he simply held his head down and walked past me silently. I was angry, but upset at the same time. I just kept thinking "why the hell did you block me from your life?" I guess we will never speak again at this rate. Strangely I feel a lot better since I got that of me chest:) I just hope a solution can be found to this mess

My Union

Hey guy's I'm trying to create a union and I'm looking for people to join. The union is called The Neo Geo Fighting Game Union. I've sent a few invites but my P.C has been playing up of late so I'm not sure if you've all got my message.

It's also my first union so any help and advise would be much appreciated, thanks again guys.

Finding my retro games

The other day whilst sifting through the junk in my shed I found an old storage box. Inside I found some of my SNES and Megadrive games. So I decided to update my games collection lol. I've updated it a little but I'll be updating the other games when I got five minutes lol.

My Photoshop Pics/Posters And my Videos

Hey everyone just thought I would give you an update on my Posters/Pics and my vids. I've uploaded a few more pictures now and I'm in the middle of creating more videos that I intend to upload very soon. The posters range from games to me just messing around. I aint no graphic design god but you get the idea.

The videos are something I've been working on for quite a while now. The idea behind them is to enlighten people on lost games they may not of heard of. I've got one uploaded already and I can't wait to see what you all think of it. And please be as honest as you want when leaving comments on my pictures/videos.

Well that's all for now but I will be updating this when the other videos are uploaded.

A quick update, I've uploaded a few Gif files and I'm still working on the video, but trust me the wait will be worth it lol. However in the meantime feel free to comment, talk to you all later.

My dream has finally become reality

Many years ago I had a dream, a dream of becoming a video game designer. The reason was I always seemed to find a fault with the games I was playing and I found myself constantly saying, "I could make this better". So I decided to create my own game.

A simple affair with none of the technicalities of a modern game. Well it's taken me quite a while (a few years in fact lol), but I've finally got my simple game idea to the creation stage. The game is nothing fancy, it's a simple 2D scrolling beat em up, based on the ideas of the famous 2D scrappers.

I never thought I'd get the game to this stage and I'm so happy I have. However saying that it wasn't all my work. My good friend Mike was kind enough to take time out of his busy life to help me with the art Side of things.

One day I hope to see the game in your local video game retailer lol.

"Never mock a man with ambition, for he has the ideas and the will to succeed"

Cheating Scummers online

I've actually started a forum post bout this, but I was so angry I just gotta get this of me chest. I'm finding that whenever I'm online people are working together to boost their achievements or online records. The worst offender for this is Halo 3. Now personally I do like this game online but I'm fed up of people ruining the experience.

Take the other day for example; I joined a game of Halo only to have the other three players (who were all cousins) blast me to death (not to mention tea bag me...why?) every two bloody minuets. They even goaded me over the mic telling me they were working together.

What could I do? I couldn't leave the game cos I didn't wanna effect my rep, and also why should I leave the game just for them? This was about my tenth game of Halo online, but to be honest it's happened to me on other games too. DOA4 Virtua Fighter 5 COD4 to name but a few. Now I just try to avoid playing Halo online whenever I can. The question is how do we deal with these people? At least we got the avoid this player option, but there's so many of these players that I feel there's no way to stop them.

The art of winning by losing

The other day something very strange happened to me. Whilst playing VF5 with my "friend" (the quotes indicating we are no longer friends, but the reason we aint has got nothing to do with this) I noticed the anger and frustration I was creating by constantly beating him round after round.

Now me personally I don't care if I win or lose (saying that I much prefer to win) it's the fact I'm round me mates having a laugh and playing on his 360. My mate got really upset that I beat him and blamed it on me using "cheap" moves to win. Then when we played Fight Night (on the 360) rather than lose to me he hit me a few low blows and got disqualified.

In his mind he didn't lose cos I didn't knock him out. However in my mind I realised I was never gonna beat him at all. At the end of the day it's a game, there's no huge prize (other than your own ego) for beating your mate at VF5. People need to understand that winning isn't everything.

Just enjoy the experience, if you lose then you lose it's no big deal. Simply learn from it so you can be better next time.