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Guess who's back....back again?

Well it's certainly been a while since I graced the delightful plains of this website, and in that time so many things have happened but I've not changed...much. Well as you may have already figured out I'm now a Machinima partner which I'm incredibly happy about. Finally seeing all my hard work pay off is a wonderful feeling and it means I can be more of a voice for gamers everywhere.

Let me know how you have all been and what your up to now, and maybe introduce me to the new Gamespot :P

The Passion Of EVO


EVO or more appropriately the Evolution Championship Series, the largest fighting game event on the planet where the best players in the world face each other in a battle of wits cunning and skill to determine who is the best in the world. Just like the World Cup is a huge deal to football fans, or the Ashes are a huge deal to Cricket fans, EVO is a huge deal for fighting game fans and players. Others may have trouble understanding why a venue full mostly of men is cheering at a screen of two or more characters battling it out. However in that same vein I honestly don't understand why Football fans go crazy when the ball crosses that goal line.


The answer is simple...passion


Passion is the reason why these warriors train so religiously in their craft, passion is the reason why they enjoy the competition. To the untrained eye it may like two guys/girls merely pressing buttons and moving a stick every so often, that same eye has no idea of the skill levels on display and the incredible ingenuity of these players. They see gamers and think geeks, nerds, wasters, a person with more time on their hands than sence. However I say the same about a footballer or a tennis player although the difference is that I can appreciate the insane amount of trainning and dedication that has brought such an athlete to that level.


So in this same way cannot those onlookers treat the EVO participants with the same amount of appreciation? Obviously they have no idea what is going on but surely they must appreciate the years of training to acquire such skills?


I'm hoping that at this years EVO those untrained eyes may understand a little more the huge efforts on display and eventually come to accept these warriors as more than just gamers but people.


My thoughts on EVO can be found here: http://youtu.be/yeT6TzUPm9M


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Stop Trolling Microsoft


Honestly this whole lets troll Microsoft in a feeble attempt to get attention is getting rather old rather quickly. People are upset over perceived invasion of rights and privileges however no one is forcing you to commit to any contract or purchase. Don't like where their management is taking the company? Fine send them an email to the appropriate address and adress your concerns with them. Every company has a sort of customer complaints devision and believe it or not the company WILL listen to them so long as you represent your concerns in an intellectual manner.


However DON'T:


Abuse/spam their twitter feed (it makes you appear as a juvenile delinquent devoid of character)


Abuse/spam their Facebook pages (same reasons as above)


Make quite frankly ridiculous and stupid pictures to ridule their character (your not a child are you)


I've mentioned previously that digital downloads are taking precedence regardless of your personal feelings towards them. Eventually Sony and MS will distribute their games via downloads only as it's cheaper for them and you. You need only look at the cost of packaging and producing the content on disk to realize that digital downloads are the way to go for big business.


You may well think Sony is something of a messiah with their E3 conference however they too will release games via download eventually. Why wouldn't they? They are a business after all and they want to make profits with minimum costs With E3 Sony simply told you what you wanted to hear however MS told you the truth the future of gaming.


I can understand your not happy with where gaming is going, I'm sure those arcade operators in 1972 were not too pleased to hear that a console named the Magnavox Odyssey would promise to bring arcade entertainment into your living room. What about those gaming fans in the 70's that said Joysticks were the only way to play videogames? Gaming is changing and we all better prepare for it or forever live in the past.


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Xbox One DRM is gone...but gamers still complain?

It may be old news that Microsoft have revesed some of the DRM policies associated with the Xbox One console, however the scars remain for many gamers and I sit here wondering why? The idea of the DRM policies being a bad thing is open for discussion however why do gamers feel so violated? Let me ask you all a very honest question:


Did any of you actually buy an Xbox One console yet? The answer is no because it does not go on sale until some time in November. So then why do gamers feel that their rights have somehow been affected when none of them even purchased the console to begin with. A similar situation would be a restaurant giving you a cheese burger when you specifically asked for no cheese. They apologize and bring you a fresh burger with no cheese, however insulted you refuse this and complain...even though no money was exchanged.


Did they charge you for the cheese burger? No


Did they listen and bring you what you ordered originally? Yes


So then why do you feel so violated as if your rights have been affected somehow? MS listened to your concerns and changed their policies accordingly, they took the cheese burger away and brought you a nice plain one metaphorically speaking. If the Xbox One had been released with these DRM issues then I could certainly understand gamers reactions, however this is simply not the case.


Gaming is going digital whether you like it or not and nothing is going to change that. dlc and digital downloads are increasing by the day and eventually will become the standard media for videogames. The days of disk based games are coming to an end, it's cheaper for the company's and cheaper for the consumer all round.


The idea of well they were going to do this is absurd since they didn't, one could argue your crying over spilt milk when the milk has not even be spilled yet.


I remember when gamers went into uproar when Joysticks were replaced with Control Pads, and yet control pads are now widely accepted as the best control scheme for many games. There were also concerns when cassettes were replaced by cartridges, and then they were replaced by disks.


Eventually the idea of a physical representation of your videogame will become a joke and a distant memory left in history lessons.


Either accept the future or find a nice cave and live out your days there...

Killer Instinct Returns!


Firstly my own reaction to the news in it's uncut unedited form http://youtu.be/lGiMoojE8V4


So I'm sitting at my PC desk I have Gamespot's live coverage of the Microsoft conference streaming not much is exciting me. Suddenly the screen glows a green hue and the letters KI are formed this is when I knew Killer Instinct was set to return. We were treated to a short 30 second trailer however just seeing those letters was enough to send me into a crazy frenzy screaming It can't be true the neighbors must think I'm a lunatic by now. I cared little surrounding their opinions of me however as the game I've waited nearly 20 years for is finally getting it's well deserved release.....on the Xbox One


My initial excitement slowly turned to dread as I realized the game was an exclusive on MS's new console. My thoughts turned to money, was I seriously going to spend more than £500 (console, game plus another controller) to enjoy an experience 20 years in the making? Damn right you are, says my inner 14 year old self, you gotta be joking says my 30 year old hardcore gamer pychy. To make matters incredibly worse the more I saw of the game the more I wanted to get my hands on it. Every new KI related video made me hunger more for it, and unquenchable thirst that simply would not be ignored.


Delving deeper into the core mechanics the developers Double Helix are really pushing to make it tournament worthy and casually appealing. Punishing turtle like play and balancing out the combo breaker system is pleasing to the ears of the hardcore tournament player. However alternate colors and costumes plus a comprehensive 1 player experience promise joys to the casual onlooker. The game certainly looks the par too with fully destructible stages fats flowing combat all in beautiful 1080p 60 fps.


At the moment I am in two minds as to what I should do, I love KI and the new game looks amazing however can I really spend that amount of money for one game? What would you guys do given the circumstances?

Not Blogged for ages :(


Not blogged for a while so thought it was high time I wrote one.


Had to walk down 15 flights of stairs this morning as the lifts were out...AGAIN and then had to walk up all 210 steps when I came back. Great workout I highly recommend it #sarcasm...


So whats been going on well I left the mighty Flea production company that I was a part of, a lot of things happened and people are asking me for the truth. Professionally I've given the normal I want to do other things excuse but personally the the truth is very different. I may speak about it at some time but right now I want to focus on the positives, there are many great games coming out soon and with E3 just round the corner well it's a great time to be a gamer.


Anything in particular you guys are looking forward to with E3? Any games or announcements?


I can't wait to see what the PS4 finally looks like, couldn't be much worse than the Xbox One that's for sure.


Then there is the whole Killer Instinct news, Rare's website now has a section for the fighting game but it's blank. My reasoning is we are going to get the original games on XBLA which I wouldn't mind at all to be honest. However I better not see Killer Instinct Kinect or Killer Instinct workout fantasia I may just put salt in Bill Gates coffee if that happens.


I'm loving those Rockstar energy drinks too at the moment, I know they are bad for me but I don't care when they taste so good. Why is it that the things that taste so good are so bad for your health?


That's all I can think of right now to talk about, hoping your all good and life is treating you all well :)

How Microsoft Perplexed A Gaming Generation


When Microsoft revealed the 21st of May as their showcase for the future of the entertainment medium I was excited by the prospect. Having been disappointed by Sony's offerings of sequels and pseudo Frankenstein controllers, I was hoping MS would offer something more...much more. Well we all saw the console which is more than what Sony did, however upon feasting it's rather bland 1980's vhs player styled design should they have showed it at all? A small part of me thought it was deliberate in an attempt to make the console look similar to those of old, those from my generation. Maybe they wanted to grab the attention of the Space Invaders elite?


If that was the intention then they failed as the new Xbox One (it's now official name) looked more akin to a set top box than a console with the same features enjoyed by that said medium. As I sit here a cool breeze gusting through the balcony doors and a refreshing Orange juice greets my lips I wonder if this is the future of gaming? The Xbox One reveal seemed nothing more than MS wanting to get into a territory already frequented by other companies who quite frankly have much more experience with the subject matter. Has MS decided to put the other entertainment mediums first and games second? Such a prospect is so bizzarre and non coherent I dread to think it.


Then there is the rather more alarming concern of used game fee's and one user per console mentality. Do MS honestly expect a married couple to both buy the same version of the same game so both can enjoy it on the same console? In another world it would be comedy gold the kind of content that Laurel and Hardy would use to captivate audiences worldwide. The worrying feeling however is that this situation is no joke and it's a nightmare that we will never awake from. No matter how one looks at it the reveal raised more questions than eyebrows and alerted the gaming world to some very serious questions.


Please leave your thoughts on comments on the issue here and at my youtube channel found here: www.youtube.com/dragonps

When Two Lives Collide


Your business life and your personal life, two parts of the same conundrum or do they deserve to be accepted separately? Recently I have had these two worlds collide when people who know me personally have taken it upon themselves to reveal personal information in regards to myself and my family. They have revealed names, adresses, locations and even confidential information relating directly to them. This is something that I will honestly not tolerate as not only is it ilegal (by English law) but it infringes on my rights as a human being.


I understand that there will be some socially inept sub intellectuals who will take it upon themselves to exhaust all of their anger and frustration at the world unto me. Using your free time to tell someone in no less than 43 comments why you hate them is a rather bizarre pass time indeed. Let me just say that I can't stand football (or soccer as our American cousins call it) however you will never see me posting repeatedly hateful comments on Fifa videos or classic matches.


24 hours seems like a long time but in fact it's not, considering most of us get up around 7:00-7:30 arrangements not withstanding of course. Now take into consideration that most will be in bed around 11:00 and theres not many hours your left to play with. In conclusion only a complete and utter deluded idiot with no social struture would waste time hating on a video or person just for fun. Then again these are the type of people that believe the word syntax is an insult, yes this actually happened to me.


And so the worlds collide and keeping them separate seems harder by the day, internet acquaintances become friends and friends become close friends. In the end it seems nothing separates my real life friends from my internet friends and vise versa. As my popularity on youtube and twitter increases I can expect this sort of insident to become more frequent.


Until ultimately there is no business life or personal life, there is simply my life...

Next Gen Is Here...DEAL WITH IT


So many rumors and embellished conjecture are the decorations for an otherwise fantastic event in gaming history...the reveal of a new console. No matter how you want to look at things there is an undeniable fact when it comes to multimedia company's, they all want that magic box that can deliver all types of entertainment medium to you instantly. It's much more cost effective to them and you the consumer.


People will play on the misconstrued fact by stating we want a console to play games and only games in case people forget Nintendo actually applied this theory with a little console called the Gamecube which simply played games and nothing else. The console failed once people realized it would not play their DVD's or CD's, no one wants several little boxes littering your home that all deliver various types of media.


We have become a society of people that wants..NO demands every form of entertainment medium instantly. When I was a child and I was stuck on a particular game I would have to talk to friends who had the game or wait until an edition of Gamesmaster and hope they at least mentioned something of my plite. Now however you can take out your phone and instantly discover how you attack with 550 HP damage on that new sword you found.


Instant gratification is the order of the day now, films, games, apps, even food can be delivered to your starving senses within minutes. People may mock the new pizza ordering app but to MS and it's customers it's an extremely cost effective and smart business move. Times are changing and so is the demographic, consumers want instant delights and instant thrills, they care little for leveling up or difficult gameplay.


Hence this fact gaming has become easier and completion times have decreased, it is simply companies giving YOU want YOU demanded.


YOU demanded extra content now know as dlc, and the companies were only too happy to feed your aching minds.


YOU demanded games to become easier by using the internet to spoil boss battles, and checking youtube so you can have the best time on Trials.


YOU demanded shorter games since as a society we are more active and have less time to play games, when we do play we want the quick thrill of feeling like a god after a 12 hour shift.


Stop living in the Neolithic age come out of your cave and stop carving animals at Gobekli Tepe, realize and understand that the future is here and if you don't like it...well have fun with those stone age tools.


As for the rest of us we will enjoy a new age of not just gaming but a new era in the consummation of this new entertainment medium.

I have Officially Returned To Youtube


Yes there were many rumors for a long time but the TRUTH is that I the English Dragon have returned to youtube, you can find the glorious video here http://youtu.be/mW_oDydEGbU


A little heads up however from now on I'm going to be doing things MY way and maybe not the right or wrong way. During my time away from youtube I have learned many things both concerning the REAL gamer and the casual gamer. All will be expressed in time however I wanted to make this blog so that you are all aware of what is going on.


Thank you all for reading and I hope to see all your comments soon ;)