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Well, I'm 20 now. I had created this profile when I was about 14. Wow a long time.

Anyway down to business. Minecraft is a wonderful game, kinda disappointed in the ratings it got, but everybody is a critic. The only reason I heard about this game is through me xbox friends, they would always talk about it so I finally bought the microsoft points to buy and download Minecraft. This game is entertaining and getting lost for days in the caverns that the game has created.

Has anyone ever gotten to the "bottom" of any of their maps? I'm almost half tempted to stock majorly on pick axes and go to town hahaha.

The first time I played minecraft I was unaware of the monsters coming out at night. Once nightfall came the huge spiders came out and ninjaed me and I died.

I know this blog is short, but I'm starting to get back online here and blog some more!


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It has been ages since I've been on here and actually posted something about my life... Well, here it goes. A lot of stuff went down over the summer, i ended a 9 month relationship with someone i seriously loved... Yeah i know it sounds stupid but, i had my reasons. And just a piece of adivce for everyone out there, NEVER do a long distance relationship it never works out, trust me, dont get into one no matter how promising it may seem, im saving you a whole lot of your time and life. Anyway, i ended up in the hospital and put on 24 hr suicide watch, (im not going into details about that) and they ended up diagnosing me with what we call bipolar disorder. Everything is fine now, i have my bumps and falls here and there but im pretty steady nowadays. Though, i have no regrets, none.

With that out of the way, im looking forward for a new year to start!!! new games to be discovered and titles finally being released after much anticiaption. Though i do have an update for people. I'm finally on my way to becoming a video game designer!!!! after another semester of my slow senior year of high school and maybe a year or so at the community college... I'll be on my way to Full Sail University!!!! YAY!!!!

xbox live

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hey guys whats up?? havent been on here in forever... anyway i got xbox live gold service for christmas and this **** is amazing!! been playin it everyday now... if you want my gamer tag its dragonscry716, message me to tell me who you are otherwise i wont respond...