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Playstation Penguins? + Crysis 2 and; Bulletstorm Demo Impressions galore!

First off, let me just open with this because I dont want all the tl;dr noobs to not click the link because they haven't learned the art of reading.

Playstation Penguin

This is just a bit of advertising for the best playstation site around. For all you members of HYPE out there maybe you'll enjoy it. Gufu, an Xboxxantussite will be coming soon.(I kid I kid...well hopefully that xboxxantusone happens...because that would be quite badass)

Anyways, this site is run by an internet friend of mine that I've become quite close to over the past year or two, to the point that honestly he is slowly becoming equal to my IRL friends in his sheer power of awesome. (and hopefully he will become one once I move to Columbus and am a lonely loser :()

Sadly, the site has recently fallen under some hard times and its forums are nearly dead. There is still regular news updates, reviews of all the latest Playstation games etc etc. So I'd appreciate if you guys at least made an account on the site, andchecked out some of the news stories. I'm not going to force you to be active but still, I hate seeing a site with so much work put into it get ignored.

Now, next in my agenda of awesome is my impressions on the recent demo releases of heavily hyped First Person Shooters Crysis 2 and Bulletstorm. I'll start with Crysis because honestly that was what I was the most hyped for.

The Crysis 2 Demo can be summed up in one brutally honest word. Disappointing. Now, that is not to say that it was a "bad" demo by any means, no it was just honestly less then what i expected of it.

Ill start with the obvious, visuals. Visually it's just weak all around. There is a bit of nice destructability, but overall the environmental textures and the animations just do not compare to the first crysis, even on low settings. If I had to compare it visually to anything I'd say it looks like a hybrid betweenCod: Black Ops, and Killzone 2. It has some nice textures but there seems to be a bit of teh jaggiez, and the draw distance of the shadows is so low it's almost shocking. Now true this is a demo and thus there is a high chance the full game will look better but still, I would hope that Crytek would not sacrifice such impressive technology just to make the game more console friendly.

Secondly is gameplay, true this was just a multiplayer map, but everything felt a lot more congested and closed then the original Crysis, it seemed very much that this game is attempting to imitate the popular styIe of Call of Duty's multiplayer, which honestly just doesn't work for the kind of game that Crysis is.

Now, I understand that this is a demo and not representative of the final product, but nonetheless if I can expect the final game to be of a quality in the same ballpark as this demo you can check me off the list of Day 1 buyers.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I found Bulletstorm to be a very good game.

I do not have much to say except that it is very addictive. in the demo you are given 3 different weapons(a pistol an assault rifle, and a sticky grenade launcher of sorts) and an electric lasso. The point of the game is to find the most creative ways possible to kill your opponents and earn "points' which would in turn be submitted to an online leaderboard so you can try and beat your friends in the most gruesome, gory ways to kill the enemy. At first this sounds a bit gimmicky, but there are so many different ridiculous ways to kill an enemy,for example, kicking them and then scoring a headshot while they are against the wall earns you the kill "tagger"(or something along those lines) which is worth a few hundred points, that this feature seems suprisingly deep, especially for a demo.

Even with only 3 weapons available in the demo there were hundreds of different kills to earn, and I am eagerly anticipating the final game simply to find what creative and funny ways to kill my enemy next.