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PSN complete crash

As you all should know, the PSN servers today on essentially ALL FAT MODELS of the Play Station 3 have completely crashed as far as all TROPHY SUPPORTING GAMES goes.

now, as of now the slim models of the playstation 3 are completely unaffected, however other then the fat PS3's it is being reported by severla users that sony's site itself is also crashing quite frequently tonight (starting at the same time that the phat PS3's have crashed.)

Now, the reason I started a blog on gamespot was to simply give the different gamers out there that read this the latest up to date info on all things gaming, and well recently I have fallen through on that point and I apologize, but this moment, if not fixed will make history this generation and should be treated as a "gaming emergency" (yea typing it felt as lame as reading it probably is). First off IM going to close the case on some of the "rumours" going about with this recent information

one of the main ones is that people are claiming that only the fat PS3's are crashing simply because Sony wants more people to purchase there newer slim models.
Well, this rumour I am happy to say is COMPLETELY FALSE. There is no way that Sony could legally purposly crash there servers and erase your trophy data in order to "force" you to buy the latest model of there product. This is obviously either simply some form of glitch or some form of a user hacking the console

Rumour 2: IT is a glitch with the Playstations clock that caused this so therefore resetting your clock will fix it.

This rumour is PARTIALLY FALSE. While true, according to what has been posted on several gaming news sites it IS the clock that has caused this issue resetting your clock will NOT fix the error, as it is the Playstations INTERNAL clock that would be causing this error, not your personal clock that you set yourself.

Rumour 3: this will be spreading to the slims and the site soon because the PS3 has been hacked. Now, this one is quite simple to debunk, in simple terms if you remember the one small strength the PS3 always had over the 360 during the years was the act that the PS3 is VIRTUALLY UNHACKABLE. Yes I suppose it COULDVE been hacked, but it is incredibly unlikely, plus I highly doubt that any hacker would purposly target ONLY users of the fat PS3's, if anything they would attack the play station site first, get ahold of your account information and THEN move to the PS3's. However this is simply not the case.

Links to news on the issue:


rumour edit 1:

I know you guys are more intelligent then this, but a few posters are claiming that the PS3's are turning themselves on (which my or may not be true I personally have not seen it yet, but its nothing TOO out of the ordinary) they are also claiming the cell is evolving (lol) and will take over the world, you guyys im sure are intelligent enough to know that these are simply jokes and spam, and should in no way be taken seriously, I know you're smart enough to know this yourself, but I figured I would note it just in case your not (in lookin at you dragonfly110 :P)

update #2:

link to Sonys and SOny EUrope Twitter's (direct information on issue from Sony)
Play Station Europe

Play Station America

Update 3:
according to Kotaku a fix will be happening within the next 24 hours. THanks to GUFU for providing the info :)


Final Update:

things for the most part appear to be back to normal, if you ps3 is not yet fixed simply be patient a little longer and it should fix itself in due time :)

Considering upgrading my account.

SO over the past few months, a number of reasons has been brought to me that is making me consider upgrading my gamespot account to make it total accesss, if any of my friends that ARE already total access member can you tell me what you find enjoyable about the upgrade and whether or not you feel it would be worhth the monthly subscription I would have to pay in order to get this type of account.

Shindiggah wants YOU!

thats right mister/ misses (insert name here) you have been honored with the privelage of being ALLOWED to join the raptr union. Thats right my friends I have decided to allow you to join this super sexy awesome union based on the super sexy awesome gaming social networking site that calls itself raptr. Now, if you want I can like give you a little background information on what raptr is incase you wanna make one, and then you can be even awesomer since youll be a member of both the site AND the union.

Raptr is a social networking site that was tailored specifically for gamers and there needs, as of right now raptr is currently in beta, however everything on the site is looking to be promising, and going to the big time. The site is also an official affiliate partner site of gamespot, so I expect all of you moderators and admins (im looking at you Wasdie, mac, Teuf and Sophia) to join or face my wrath. I may just have to buy out gamespot and ban you all (jk...dont mod me for that :P)

but anyways heres the link to the union.

Super awesome awesome fun time

Skype is teh beastliness

hey people out there, all the awesome people in the world. Ya'll need to go and make yourselves a skype so you can add me.

My skype is Shindiggah, so I demand at LEAST 50 (non spam bot)requests by the end of this fine evening

edit: crap B4nj00k4z00i3, SHindiggah was my computers one, I deleted it a while ago though xD add this one

Ultimate Union PURGE

that is right, I am purging basically ALL of my unions, the only ones I am staying in are the ones I am A. Leader of, or B. I list as of right now

unions I am staying in:

Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium

Mass Designers Lounge

Social Cafe

Naruto Union

All Gamers, Otaku, and Design

The Guide and Discussion


Read this blog about LETS PLAYS bananas and of course the awesomness thats me :D

Thats right folks, Im doing a COOP lets play, so I actually have a friend there as an incentive for me not to ditch it immediatly (yay.)

ya'll better watch it or Ima gonna have to take out mah pistols and go all wild wild west on your butts, kapeesh?

So anyways, there are gonna be 2 up at once, the first is The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, and the second is Ratchet and Clank Future a Crack in Time!

Right now we have parts 1 and 2 of the Spyro one up, and I will be editting the ratchet and clank ones into the blog later this evening!


Spyro Pt 1

Spyro Pt 2

Ratchet and Clank CITPt 1

A History in Photoshop day 1: Sigs

thats right, since Im finally going to be able to retake up graphic design soon, Ive decided that in honor of this great moment Ill make a blog showing every single design Ive ever made!Ill put it in as much of a chronological order as I can, so here we go we'll start off with sigs, this one gets its own blog since I have around 10x the amount of sigs as I do banners avis and blog headers combined

dragonflysig014.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008

dragonflysig015.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008

dragonflysig016.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008

nassig003.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008

lol red circles ftl :P I remember when I was convinced that this was the single best design anyone had ever made xD

dragonflysig017.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008
dragonflysig019.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008My opinions on this one were the same as my metroid ones, heck I STILL dont see wat was wrong with it lol, but it was my most negativly rated sig ever even more so then my bad n00b ones up above

brawlersig001.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008wow...talk about effing e drama, man see, this is what being huge into unions over teh system wars does to a guy :P
dragonflysig020-1.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008while you may not be able to tell cuz it is teh suxxors, this sig actually marked my entry into becoming a much better designer :P

dragonflysig021.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008

dragonflysig022.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008
this was my very first sig that I didnt use a single brush on :D

dragonflysig001-1.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008
only one brush used here, and its not the blue bars like youd think, see how its a bit darker around joey? I used a brush there thinking itd add depth

dragonflysig002-1.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008I dont even remember MAKING this one xD

nintendoallstarssig001.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008

dragonflysig005-1.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008
ah, this sig I made with the help of an old gamespot friend of mine whos name I am no longer allowed to say in blogs due to err "conflicts"

dragonflysig007-2.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008As you can see this one takes my old st-yle in all previous sigs of using grids and fuses it with what this user taught me

dragonflysig008-1.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008
just a less girly version of above sig, with added effects and gradient as you can see on border of BG

dragonflysig009-1.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008not even sure wth I was doing here, I think it was just a really rushed sig I made for a contest...either way other then my BA energy beam its fairly LQ lol

dragonflysig010.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008
and this...is where my sigs started to get more "fun" I suppose you could say

dragonflysig0010.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008

dragonflysig012-1.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008

dragonflysig013-4.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008
dragonflysig014-1.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008this one is a lot better then it appears...for some reason its always glitched up on gamespot tho... :(

dragonflysig015-1.gif picture by dragonfly110_2008just an epic fail design, this design itself actually sparked those conflicts I talked about earlier...

dragonflysig016-2.jpg picture by dragonfly110_2008
dragonflysig017-1.jpg picture by dragonfly110_2008god why oh why did I ruin this amazing sig with that terribly rendered C4D in the BG? I swear if I didnt lose all my PSD files from that virius Id fix this one immediatly!

backgroundsoo1.jpg picture by dragonfly110_2008just a cool experimental sig I made once, simple but I still like it btw once again no brush used...at least I dont think I used a brush on this one I could be totally lying about that lol

dragonflysig017-2.jpg picture by dragonfly110_2008oh...appaerantly I DID fix it xD

dragonflysig019-1.png picture by dragonfly110_2008just a sig for a SOTW that applied a rule that the sig MUST be transparent...

nasdcontestsig001-1.png picture by dragonfly110_2008my first experiment into the world of smudging, AND using the pen toolcheer up guys we're about 50 percent of the way through my sigs I believe :P

dragonflysig021-1.png picture by dragonfly110_2008

nothin to see here, just a C4D and a cool brush pack I found on google so I decided to make a sig

dragonflysig023.jpg picture by dragonfly110_2008
despite what everyone said about it when I originally posted it, this one only had one brush, and thats that target thing up in the corner

gamenightsig001-1.jpg picture by dragonfly110_2008

watersig001.jpg picture by dragonfly110_2008

dragonflysig0262.jpg picture by dragonfly110_2008
Im STILL in love with this sig for unknown reasons lol

dragonflysig027-3.jpg picture by dragonfly110_2008by FAR my favorite sig Ive ever made, and the one Im currently wearing, even if it isnt my newest

dragonflysig029.png picture by dragonfly110_2008why the sudden drop in quality you may ask? well simply because this is my first sig I made in CS4, I previously used CS original, and jumping programs was one of the hardest feats I ever had to overcome in designing :(

dragonflysig032.png picture by dragonfly110_2008after months of terrible sigs which I wasnt even proud enough to upload and are gone forever (thank god lol) I finally managed to mix all my terribleness at CS4 compared to the original CS, and somehow I made this hybrid frankenstein monster of a sig that actually turned out...good.

dragonflysig034.png picture by dragonfly110_2008nobody liked this sig, I still really do though so thats what counts :P

noobfeedsig001.png picture by dragonfly110_2008my first sig for noobfeed, I think itd be a good point to note that at this point I had left the Nintendo all stars for personal reasons, so none of my other sigs (thankfully) are just nintendo themed for that union :P

br/a href=
br/a href=
these2 sigs are ment to go together, I meant to make 2 more to make one epic "popart" sig, but I never got around to it...

br/a href=
Just one in a line of sigs I made for the E3 discussion union, all of them rushed and made in a matter of 5 minutes.

br/a href=
br/a href=
just 2 different versions since the first was complained at being too distorted

br/a href=

br/a href=
dont even ask... it was cool in concept, but when I posted it here I noticed that there was random white and teh jaggies D:

br/a href=
just messin around with some moreadvance smudges and pen tool techniques(blob at bottom), Id say I did good other then that epic fail pile of puke at the top

e3sig001.png picture by dragonfly110_2008
you know that I havent designed in a while when I cant figure out how I did the left half in Black and white and the right in color...

fishdalfsig002.png picture by dragonfly110_2008
Just a request I did for someone at noobfeed...ya know they never DID end up wearing this lol

I swear lol I think Sasori and Beat from JSRF are like my 2 favorite characters to work with in sigs xD

br/a href=

dragonflysig035.png picture by dragonfly110_2008

dragonflysig036-1.png picture by dragonfly110_2008sig I made for the VERY short lived site I wrote for, the Blog Penguin

br/a href=

br/a href=
this was gonna be a gufu sig of mine, but I couldnt get the logo too look good so it just kinda was left to gather dust over at tinypic :(

br/a href=
other then that sasori one this is my favorite work of all time :D

well, thats all for now folks, these are all the sigs that managed to survive my complete computer apocalypse :)

Starting a Lets play

thats right peoplle, oyu heard me I am starting a Lets Play Drift City, which is a free racing MMO thing I found and is super fun. THis one as of now though I am going to bee keeping completely exclusive to gamespot, as I dont wanna crowd up my youtube account with too many videos :P

Assassin's Creed 2 Video Review+Raptr

just decided Id start doing video reviews since I personally prefer them to written ones, maybe its because I already have to write so much for school IM sick of typing but IDK...

anyways Im gonna be uploading both to gamespot and youtube, so Ill provide a link to both in case you guys for whatever reason would prefer to watch the review on one site over the other.

ALso, I know this review is personally LQ but I have a mic for my camera and am going to be getting wires to make the video quality much better, plus my friend is working on an intro for me, so this is probably the only video that will be of this low quality.


Gamespot upload

Youtube upload

Oh yea in other news I also have gotten a Raptr account, and can already tell you Ill be using it simply for the games feature, so if you wanna add me my username (like it is everywhere else but here) is Shindiggah. Just a thanks to WOlfie (gamerreviewer here lol) for showin me the site, its a real neat place, I doubt ILl use the forums, but its just a cool little database to organize and show off your game collections.

My Christmas +Showin off my gamespace

well I FINALLY got my USB drive fixed on my computer, so I can actually make new vids, I may upload this one to gamespot soon, but as of right now its only on youtube.

Its just a video showing all the games that I got for christmas plus I show off my systems and I admit it I ripped on the wii and 360 a bit since IM mad at the fact that BOTH OF THEM EFFING BROKE ON ME

but anyways here it is:

Also, IM now officially hating my family lol, my mom and sisters went out and bought the game Action Girlz racing, have you ever heard of it? You know this little piece of glorious epic fail:

if you know anything about this game youll understand why Im actually annoyed that I have to say this is a game thats on my wii. Im actually glad my wiis broke so I dont have to watch them play this piece of trash that makes Ninjabread man and Anubis 2 look like amazing AAAE titles.