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Gonna do a top 10 blog+quitting ALMOST EVERY Union

first off, I'm going to be doing a new top 10 blog, itll be up by tonight. Thats just small details

second Im quitting every single one of my unions except for GUFU, and Noobfeed (oh and the ones I lead)

why you ask? Simply because I am not active in any of my unions at all, and the ones I'm officer in I dont deserve the job, so you can say "oh dragon we like you its cool just start being active and I wont demote you" but I figure whats the point>? Only2 places I really care about postin in are GUFU and System wars anyways, so yea dont waste your time, I dont wanna offend any friends.

well, the end second blog'll be up by tonight :)

oh ya Ill be stayin in teh wonder emporium and teh princess tomato union cuz theyre the 1337, and the emporium (Banjo Kazooie Union) was the first thing I ever joined on gamespot, and the reason I didnt quit after like a qeek.

those guys>>>>>all of you...except me, and maybe mitu, shadow and whatever other gufu members share my love of Rare ltd.

banning violent video games, a rant

As you all should know California Governor arnold schwarzenegger has gone to the supreme court in an effort to ban Video games in the stae of california. This not only completely ridiculous, but if it is passed it could quite possibly be one of the biggest breaches of our constitution rights this country has ever seen.

Video games themselves are a form of free speech, and it would be completely against the grounds that this country has been founded on to make them illegal for all people under the ages of 18.

I suppose that seeing as the parents of our nation are not competent enough to provide there children with the proper care and do not have the responsibility to watch over there childrens actings we may as well band the book, music and movie industries as well right? After all we would not want to corrupt our children's minds with all of this evil evil media. Oh, and while we're at it why dont we just take a look at some of the great child friendly movies mr schwarzenegger has made in the past few years shall we?

br/a href=
yep this is definetly much more child friendly then say
br/a href=
grr look at that hedgehog run, he MUST be teaching children how to run from the police, and all those rings? Surely they must stand for all the rings children get to wear when they cheat on there future spouses!

Wow mister arnold, you're right these video games ARE bad. But wait a minute, wheres one of the places where some of the most violent acts are comitted to date? That's right the schools!

So I suppose we should all homeschool our kids now to prevent them from being subjected to the incredibly violent day to day experiences that stem from children being bullied.

Oh and while we are at it why not just eliminate history cIass because you know this great nation that we live on was founded by VIOLENCE. that is right the United States of america became ours through war and murder. Oh dear we would HATE to expose our children to that, it would be columbine all over again!

br/a href=

Oh no mister governer, you better not teach people about our own history of how we came to be, we would really HATE to expose the darling children to the terrible terrible violence that we ourselves have experienced.

But you know what, thinking about children, let's look at some children programming, we would hate for children to experience anything violent, or unjust in that.

br/a href=

Oh no! That fox, he's a thief AND he is on a show that children watch on a daily basis. Better give him the boot, I certainly would hate my children to grow up to be thieves, wouldn't you? Plus who does he steal from again? Oh yeah, a Mexican girl! Oh no a MEXICAN??? It must be racist gasp, I would hate my children to grow up racist. Therefore it must be assumed that

br/a href=

Now, finally we have hopefully successfully made the media safe for children to experience. Thank GOD!

Oh, right speaking of god, we should probably go round up all the priests of any religion and imprison them as well because as you know many religions have been founded on war, and tell stories of violence. An example being the story of god killing the entire earth except for the pure which consisted of Noah, and his family, and killing must mean that you are evil so again we must assume that:

br/a href=

Now, I am going to close this post off because I feel that I simply cannot elaborate on this issue any further and I am all ranted out. Just post your comments and tell me what you think, about this issue. I hope this gets the most views out of any blog I've posted as seeing as gamespot is a California based video game journalism company who's user base can range from as young as 13 I am sure this issue at least effects them a small bit.

New icon ideas

so watsuppeople, so I was thinking I need a new permanant icon, as you know Ive been switching icons regularly lately, my last one i held for a while was my king jingaling one.

so My question is what do you guys think I should do for my next icon? I personally wanted to go with something black and white, an old fashioned thing.

IDK what Id do with that though, I initially thought Charlie Chaplin but I see me getting sick of it quickly. IDK give me your ideas 8)

Xbox Live Original Shuts down

as many gamers here know, microsoft has officially shut down the original Xbox's online service. There reasoning for this is currently unkown, however many speculations, and logic itself simply points to the fact that having to keep up this now considered a dinosaur of a service while mantaining the new one held them back from reaching there new potential.

my take on this: I loved Xbox live, up until I discovered the beautifully easy and user friendly systems of the Xbox's online my Xbox really got 0 play time out of me, however once I discovered the true first "next gen" experience from my Xbox it not only quickly grew into my favorite console last generation, but is definetly as of now considered one of my favorites of all time. and it really is a shame to see this service basically being all but cut out. yes I know there are a few back doors via the PC that you can slip through to re connect it, but even so I highly doubt enough people will connect this way to allow me to actually play my old games online with an enjoyable experience.

IN a little retrospective view Ill just say my favorite memory with the service was Mechassault and Mechassault 2, both of these games were some of the best online games ever released imho and I had hundreds of hours of fun with both of them, it really helped mold me into the gamer that i am today.

Going to Ohio

just a small update, IM going to columbus Ohio until Saturday night, so I wont be posting in any unions until sunday morning. Thanks and to all my Ohio native gamespot friends out there you better somehow find me and say hello :evil:

lol jk, but seriously dont demote me pl0x.

Happy Easter :D

Well for all mychristian gamespot users out there today is easter. So happy easter! If you are still living at home what did you get in your baskets?

I personally got Shin Megami Tensai Strange Journey, Guitar hero Portable(the weird toy thing, not the video game.)a random assortment of candy and Under The Dome by Stephen King.

Normally I dont get games in my easter basket but we all got a single portable game (that I got to pick out :P) for easter since we're taking an 8 hour trip on wednsday to my uncle's house in ohio,

April Fools.

yea that whole justin bieber thing was a joke.

although the suprise is that it actually wasnt me that did that, one of my friends got the funny idea to log into my gamespot and post that blog :P

I just decided Id go along with it for ****s and giggles.

Rare Opening New Studio

Today microsoft and Rare have officially announced that the company known as Rare LTD. (makers of Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark franchises) are going to be forming a second studio located in Birmingham England (located 32 miles from Rare's primary studio in Twycross Leichester). The studio as of now is unnamed, however due to the fact that its primary focus for game development will simply be game testing, and usability it is likely that it will simply share the name as its sister branch.

article originally posted on IGN

my opinion on this:

I am personally very excited by the expansion of Rare LTD, as you all know I am a huge rare fan, and am ALWAYS first in line to pre order a new game that they announce. Hopefully this expansion will allow them to hire some new talent and make them release more, higher quality games over a shorter time frame :D