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Happy birthday

70 years ago on this very day a man was birthed into this world that has forever changed the way people view music.

This man I speak of is none other then John Lennon. I dont have very much to say sadly except Happy birthday to the king of all modern Music, and Rest in Peace.

Dragonfly's survey 1st and possibly not last edition

so, since i want to know all of your opinions on this I decided to start a new series of blogs that maybe wil ltake off, this is a survey so what i want to know is:

1. What are your opinions on Gearbox finishing development on Duke Nukem Forever?

2. Will you buy it on release?

my answers are

1. yes I am very happy, although Id rather them be working on a sequel to borderlands I think that in all honesty in today's market they are one of the only first person shooter developers that would be ab le to capture the witty humour that made the original duke nukems as great as they were

2. Unless we hear something that drastically turns me off to this game then yes I'll be buying this day 1

also: no glens allowed :)

decisions decisions


So my friend who is now a completely sensitive god in my books sold me his PS2 with 10 games 2 memory cards (8 megs each...lolmegs havent used that word in years :P) for 20 bucks :D

Console Surgery.

just figured you would all like to know that for the first time ever I have entered into the realms of the inner hardware of a console, the console specifically is my dreamcast. The controller Port A is non responsive, so I have cracked(not literally) the system open and am undergoing a "surgery" of the system to replace the fuses for the control ports and repairing any bad wires or balooned thingy's aroudn the mother board (not sure what they are called.) I may edit this tomorrow morning with pics of what the guts of a dreamcast look like, and hopefully bythat time I will also have it back in working order.

My woeful tale involving the phenoemena known as education

ugh so I start my junior year of high school tomorrow...Im so bummed. I'd drop all my friends and social life if I could just get homeschooled, I dont care if anyone says its harder or just as hard I cant stand waking up at 6 every day :x Im a man I must sleep till noon at least!(and thats on a good day)

in good news I no longer have an extra class this year so I wont have to wake up at 5 like I did last year I guess....but still. Im bummed plus this is the most important year of school, which means I have to try....and Im the laziest person on the face of this earth, Im too lazy to even cheat on my tests to get a good grade :|

Road Trip Shenanigans now in technicolor!

so yeah me and my friend recorded a few videos and he is quite insistant that I advertise them here since his channel gets negative views. this is a video of us taking a trip to Disc Replay, I'm only in parts 1-2 though so you dont have to bother watching pt 3 :)

oh yea part 2 starts with me ranting about how in order for my mom to help me pay for college I have to go community >.>



and heres part 3, the least important part because I am in it in name only (chris)



To all of my fellow forum poster's here I have the worst news you will all hear in your lives here on this planet.

I, am. taking. a. 2.week. vacation

thats right, Im goin to Columbus Ohio (again) for 2 weeks, and unfortunatly I will have very minimal internet access so I doubt I will be posting here at all it is okay though, you do not have to cry because when that 2 weeks is up I shall return here in my glory and grace you all with my awesomness once again.

Prototype redesign up

alright I have a prototype for the design up now. The banner ftr was made completely from scratch with the exception of the Shining Force sprites you see along the bottom and top.

and the header is a picture of me layered in with a photograph a good friend of mine took and of course with heavy editting on both by myself in PS, right now this is just like the title says a first draft, but what are your opinions on it?

edit: natrually Im going to be doing some resizing and cropping of the header later to make it fit in better

complete profile redesign

just a little update, IM going to be updating everything on my profile to be completely new, that basically means my header, and my banner mainly however I am also going to be working on other little things such as designs for my blogs etc. Its just a small update but still figured I should blog it to let anyone that reads this (I knew you all do ;)) know and let them wait with held breath for the update :P

Top 10 RPG's

Top 10 RPG's

10. Final Fantasy 7 crisis core
br/a href=
In the PSP market where the games in the RPG department have often been considered light, there is a single beacon of light that shines out from the rest of the library . Crisis Core is a spin off of Final fantasy and is one of the best ARPG's on the market to date

9. Chrono Trigger
br/a href=

When Chrono Trigger was initially launched on the SNES the days of the RPG seemed to be wearing thin as many platformers and the newly discovered genre of the FPS seemed to be taking over, however CHrono Trigger used innovative gameplay, great story telling aspects and a beautiful art styIeto not only survive this era but to thrive in it.

8. Paper Mario
br/a href=

When People think of Mario they usually think cIassic platformers or countless spin offs, well Paper Mario breaks the stereotype by being one of the first and greatest Mario RPG's. It takes the old 2D aspects of the great cIassic mario's and mixed them with the newly discovered third dimension that Super Mario 64 was enjoying and made a great RPG with some of the most memorable moments to date.

7. Pokemon Red/Blue
br/a href=
Pokemon Red and Blue were the foundations to the biggest series of JRPG's this world has ever seen, Pokemon. With the unique concept of hunting and catching all the different varieties of pokemon, plus being one of a kind on the current Game Boy console Pokemon Red and blue truly developed one of the most powerful and fun RPG series the world has ever seen

6. Persona
br/a href=
Quite Possibly the ultimate sleeper hit to ever hit consoles Persona blended cIassic RPG styIecombat with a new innovative form of non violent combat that allowed you to build social links with the demons you fought which truly brought a whole new level of strategy to the fights. Added to the fact that you get many amazing summons and can even create your own summons based on specific social bonds you have developed with demons and a story that really sucks you in makes Persona a truly thought provoking and amazing game.

5. Final Fantasy X
br/a href=

Many people consider Final Fantasy 7 to be the pinnacle of the world popular Final Fantasy series. However I choose to disagree and believe that the series peaked at the amazingness that was Final Fantasy X, with truly amazing graphics for its time, and the only story in a game to ever bring a tear to my eye, Final Fantasy X is definetly the best Final Fantasy game currently available on the market. And that isn't even looking at the amazing combat system, awesome summons and just overall epicness of the world itself.

4. Dragon Quest
br/a href=

Dragon Quest is what many people over on the eastern part of this world first think of when they picture the word "RPG" in there head. Dragon Quest stands as one of the only games on this earth that are so powerful with there influence that an entire's nation economy is based upon them to the point that they are now forced to be released on the weekend. That is not to say that they are not good in America as well. Dragon Quest has great cIassic RPG gameplay, great iconic bad guys (Slime ftw) and of course a fantastic storyline

3. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
br/a href=

Featuring some of the most beautifully designed landscapes and great dialogue story and fun gameplay Oblivion is the only WRPG that has made it onto this list and is also good enough to make it into the top 3. While it does not have the largest world in the Elder Scroll series it in my honest opinion has by far the most detailed and beautiful world that is only capable on today's consoles.

2. Pokemon Silver
br/a href=

Every single foundation that Pokemon Red and Blue created Pokemon Silver took and blew up into the next level. Taking the main quest and doubling it in length making it still the longest pokemon game on today's market, adding many iconic staples in the series such as the day/night cycle, pokemon breeding, and dozens of exclusive new items. It is without a doubt that Pokemon silver and Gold are the peak of the pokemon Franchise, as when you look ahead no other pokemon game to date has ever matched them in sheer innovation, length and of course overall quality.

1. Shining Force
br/a href=

Shining Force is the game that looks at all other RPG's to have ever existed and slaps them in the face. Being not only the greatest TRPG and JRPG of all time but my second favorite game in existence of all time (beat out of course by Banjo Tooie) Shining Force is truly a work of art. With the most amazing story I have ever seen in any game. Ever. Some of the most addictive and challenging, key word is challenging not frustrating I do understand that many games such as Fire Emblem top SF in the challenge area but they enter into the realm of frustration where they are no longer fun. Shining Force blends all aspects together perfectly to make quite possibly the greatest game of its generation.