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I don't want to spoil anything to major from the plot but in the tournament I originally thought 2 opponents who dropped style books - then the game finished. After that I replayed the same missions to change the outcome but the same books weren't dropped by my opponents this time.

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I have the same issues as you - if you enjoy PC gaming (which I absolutley don't) then just get ME1 for PC and ME2 for PS3 - there'll be a short interactive comic at the start which will let you choose the same major choices form ME1 so it will be like you're shepard from the first game transfers over (it wont be as in depth as actually transferring a save file mind you).ME1 is a great game if you really get into it so I think you should definatley play it, but don't be surprised if all your choices (especially the minor ones) aren't represented in the interactive comic available to PS3 users.

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Ah I forgot about the Hot air traveling up in relation to where my PS3 is Positioned! As it has relativley small room above itand quite a large surface area above of glass above it the hot air must just be getting recirculated. I shall change the way it's positioned.

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I called Sony asking if it was anything to worry about. They said no but they noted down that I called them so if something DOES go wrong they know I had previously talked to them about it.

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It's still in Warranty so I'm wondering whether I should call up sony about it and maybe get a new PS3

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No my last one had the original fan. And I do notice I usually get it whilst playing Uncharted 2- but it also happens on Home sometimes and some demos/games. Sometimes it just happens on the XMB randomly too without me doing anything.
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I read that somewhere, but my OLD (and now broken) PS3 was an original 60gb that I got in Aug of 2007 and that was really quiet.

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Both pictures are the same PS3, I only have one as I had to give back my old one to sony to get the refurbished model. The Fan levels are just the speed at which the fan rotats, which gets quicker the hotter the PS3 gets supposedly.

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Maybe, I have had to put the heating on but still, my old PS3 never used to get this loud.

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About over a month ago I got a new refurbished PS3 after my old one got the YLOD (they are both the backwards compatible 60gb version). I'm noticing now that my new PS3's fan is somewhat louder than my old ones was.

However, my new PS3 doesn't seem to get as hot as my old one used to and as my old one diedof (what most likely was) an issue to do with overheating I'd much prefer this one to be louder if it means it doesn't break.

Usually when I start it up it's silent, I get into a game and about 10 minutes in the fan will kick in at about level 2 (I'm usually playing Uncharted 2, don't know if that makes a difference as I heard it uses up more of the CPU etc) it will then sometimes go up to level 3 for a short while then return to level 2 then sometimes go back down. Usually it stays on level 2 for the majority of when I play though.

I notice also when I get out of a game my fan generally begins to slow down. Should I be worried by my fan working more then my old PS3's?

(when I said I usually only notice the fan getting louder on Uncharted 2 I have noticed it when I'm on home sometimes as well and playing the new Ratchet and Clank demo)

Any questions about ventilation here is the set up I have for my ps3:

from the front:

from the side:


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