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Philsophy in Video Games

Have any of you guys seen the wonderful 'Escape from Mount Stupid' from Gamespot's own Danny O'Dwyer? It's hilarious and informative - after his spectacular religion episode I contacted him via twitter and asked if he had ever considered doing a video game-related retrospective look at Philosophy. He said he was interested and that got me thinking - why don't I do one myself

I study Philosophy at University and play a LOT of video Games - I notice when the two mix, which, like any medium, they do quite frequently.

So if you're interested in Philosophy or even just goofy videos then check out my take on Dualism and the Soul in Video Games.


A small update

I haven't been updating my blog here for quite some time - though I have been checking in on the site from time to time. You also may have noticed (though most likely not) that my word-press blog has slowed to a complete halt. There's a number of reasons for this - I started University and my time has been taken up by actual work (the horror)- Also my friend at Bioware no longer works there so I've no-longer been able to get my blog posts on the official Bioware/Dragon Age/Mass Effect pages like I had before.

These things really shouldn't have stopped me from writing in honesty but I'll be returningto some blog posts soon. I'm actually working on a video piece about Philosophy in Games at the moment and I'll post that when its ready.

On another note - I will be living in Kyoto, Japan from next year so I'll be able to post some interesting Japanese stuff that I find. I'm looking forward to finding some interesting stuff to share with you guys.

L.A Noire is the best and most annoying game I have played this year.

I've put a lot of hours into being a detective. That's my job.

L.A Noire is a fantastic and immersive experience - as to be expected from Team Bondi and Rockstar, the whole thing feels authentic and gritty. It handles subtlety like an artist handles his brush.

It is also pissing me off. Part of the reason the game annoys me so much is because it is SO good - it's such a great journey but when this one particular aspect of the game, that I find aggravating, arises I can't help but feel like it could have been handled better.

Interviews. More specifically backing your claims that someone has lied with evidence. Let me give you a couple of examples of why I find this so infuriating.

"We found a shirt covered in blood"
"I cut myself shaving"
*Use shirt COVERED in blood as proof of a lie* -WRONG-
WHY?! The blood was all down the front and on sleeve - there is no way that could come from a simple shaving cut.

"You can't prove I was involved in that burglary"
*Use list of items that were reported STOLEN that I saw YOU had as evidence* -WRONG-

Logic is not entirely objective - For me these pieces of the puzzle fit and so I assumed that if I chose them my character would adapt my answer to the appropriate evidence. I was wrong. Not only that but because I've got so many of these situations wrong it makes me doubt whether I should use evidence in situations were I think it's the logical step.

Mind you this is only a small complaint - the game is thoroughly enjoyable and I recommend everyone to try it out.


Oddly, if you re-watch the Nintendo conference and turn the volume off then just make "WEEEEUUUUW WEEEEUUUUUUW WEEEEUUUUUUW" noises in sync with people's mouth movements the whole thing starts to become a hell of a lot more coherent.


Fourth time's the charm

I've not had much luck with playsation over the years. I bought an original 60gb backwards compatible model around 4-5 years ago and have since worked my way through 3 PS3's.

My current PS3 decided to break on the exact day the store went up in the UK, much to my dismay. Instead of the YLOD (the consoles favourite method of dying) I've been graced with a different type of failure. A new and exciting method of disappointing me.

This time I can turn my PS3 on but after about 10 or so minutes it will freeze completley and the colours on the screen will start to distort. Whenever I turn my PS3 on after such a freeze it will take even less time for it to stop again (i'm guessing that has something to do with the console heating up).

I've decided instead of calling sony and getting a refurbished model (which Is what i've always done in the past) I'm going to buy a slim model, I've heard they're more reliable and it would be nice to get an extra dualshock 3.

Luckily as every PSN member got a subscription to PS+ that day I was able to save all my save-data onto the PS+ cloud in the moments before my PS3 inevitably froze. So at least that can be seen as a silver-lining in an otherwise grating development.


It's sitting there. Taunting me.

It knows I want it, It knows i've been waiting for it. It revels in the fact that I can't have it.

Every time I look at it it's like torment. A poignant suffering to my very being.

L.A Noire.

I caved and bought L.A Noire before my exams were over but it's still in its plastic. The plan is that it will remain there until all of my final exams are done.

That's the plan anyway.

Yakuza 4 Review

Hey guys, I'm starting to really get into the swing of blogging - I need proof of writing in order to give companies proof of writing for internships to become a games journalist. This is my first review, for Yakuza 4, I need as much feedback as possible so if you'd be so kind to take a look - it's here:


I'm aware I'm spamming my blog at the moment but it wont be for much longer, I promise.

Assassin's Creed Revelations. Both Ezio and Altair to feature

Finally, some details for the next Assassin's Creed title have emerged. The game will take place in Istanbul (Constantinople) and will feature, or is at least implied to feature, Altair and Ezio as playable characters.

It has also been reported that this will be the final installment in Ezio's story-line.

For more details, plus a list of what I want the game to feature and some images showing a rather old and weathered Ezio - visit my blog: