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Michaels Bay's transformres movies are pretty bad, aside from the special effects they have nothing.
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What about going into a house which the residents are on holiday for a week and are on the other side of the world, noone knows where you are or have any clue where you are as its a random house and you didnt tell anyone where your going, then you take a few sleeping pills and wash it down with a few rums while lying in the bathtub with the water on, so it fills up and you pass out, therefore drowning. AND you have locked every door in the hosue and have flushed the keys down the toilet, there is no window on the bathroom.loft8000
I actually heard the story about a girl who tried to kill herself with pills but also drank wine, instead of poisoning herself she end up barfing.
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[QUOTE="buldog300"]You can still like individuals or a group, but do you hate society as a whole? If so, why?


That is a very funny concept to me.

I mean, people who hate murders will still not turn their brother into the police upon finding out that he's a murderer.

And that amuses me to no end. It's like, "I hate that group and everyone who is asociated witrh them! Except for that one dude, because he's my mom/girlfriend/son/whatever".

Your question is just very hilarious to me. See, society is made out of people. So it sort of seems extremely ****ing hilarious to me how we can look at something that is ENTIRELY made out of people, chooose to hate it, and then give a free pass on specific individuals within that society that we happen to like.

It's funny to me how people would have no problem dropping a bomb on a city full of foreigners, yet would have a lot more difficulty stabbing one guy in the throat with a sword.

That's because the target of their hate is not an individual to them, a person with problems, a family, anything, just psychos. When it comes to a familiar, then it's different, they have a vison of that person in their minds and can't hate them on the same level.
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No, I have no reason to hate humanity as a whole.
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So how's my sig, out of curiosity?

EDIT: added color to sig and avy now.


It looks GOOD! I love the rough edges and your choice of colors is really effective! Also great choice of characters (thats Midna in the purple right?)

It's actually Bayonetta, good sig DJ, I like how it looks like if it was drawn on a chalkboard.

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Kill myself the day before.SoraX64
I was going to say something like that, I would attempt suicide before the date of my death but I guess that it would fail, only to kill me the date it was supposed to happen due the complications brought by the failed suicide.

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Nachi_lobo is a youtube celebity or something.
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I'm not sure of how many inches but is a Samsung LCD.
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I've never tried the original thing but I like the american version of sushi.