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my condemned 2 bloodshot review

ok,first of all,this game is really awesome.u play as a former SCU agent known as Ethan Thomas who is a street drunk and gets kicked out of every joint in the city.to be honest,if i told u anything else,i maybe just spoiling u :P the hand to hand combat is the most insane ive ever seen in my entire life.there is a bloodshot fight club were u can participate in one of 6 challenges or go on multiplayer and play deathmatch,team deathmatch or crime scene.in single player,there are only 11 missions...but all are entertaining.i recommend this game to anyone, really.WARNING!!! contains intense violence and lots and lots of swearing!! oh and for those who wonder about how good the multiplayer is...well...it kinda stinks.i hope yall enjoyed that! see yall around! :D

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