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dragon0007 Blog

Hello everyone!

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Long time and no blog! Yeah, sorry if you guys haven't heard from me lately. I kind of forgot about this site. I did come on here to check out the games that I own and games that are due to release, but that's about it. I don't know why all of a sudden I felt like blogging, but anyway...I'M ALIVEEE! :P I can tell by the look of my profile that alot of people have left Gamespot, and you know what? I don't blame them. But i'm back, I guess. I just wanted to let you guys know that i'm doing great. Do any of you know sayuri14 on here? Yeah, she hasn't been on here much, either. But I think I forgot to tell you guys about her. Me and her have been dating since March of last year, and still going :). Interesting story about how our relationship started...but oh well. How is everything here?

Hah, im out of ideas :S

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hey peepz. hows it goin? :D well, im fresh out of ideas for a cover on youtube...sooo anybody have any requests for one? ill post the vid in my next blog if i can. Love ya, kitty ;)

Great.......just great....

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well...its a long story...but my parents didnt like the whole idea of me having messenger on meh they cut off cant talk to all of u on anywere but any ideas that will change their mind?

my condemned 2 bloodshot review

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ok,first of all,this game is really awesome.u play as a former SCU agent known as Ethan Thomas who is a street drunk and gets kicked out of every joint in the be honest,if i told u anything else,i maybe just spoiling u :P the hand to hand combat is the most insane ive ever seen in my entire life.there is a bloodshot fight club were u can participate in one of 6 challenges or go on multiplayer and play deathmatch,team deathmatch or crime single player,there are only 11 missions...but all are entertaining.i recommend this game to anyone, really.WARNING!!! contains intense violence and lots and lots of swearing!! oh and for those who wonder about how good the multiplayer kinda stinks.i hope yall enjoyed that! see yall around! :D

just a heads up

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if u guys are wondering y im not on MSN so much,its because its not working right.I may not be on 4 a wile

I turned 16 a few days ago

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my birthday was on jan 26,but i couldnt make a blog about it cuz i was sick...but im still kinda sick now:( .not much is new right now cept i have a new game,The Godfather. whats up wit u guys?