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It's also available on tablet/smartphone, so you probably shouldn't brag too much about it

This. End of thread.

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Waiting for some games hit the $5 price:

- Amnesia, machine for pigs

- Outlast

And others. My wallet IS READY! :-P

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So, more Tv Tv Tv Sports Sports Sports Tv Tv Tv Dog of Duty? :-P

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perhaps don't use 12345 as a password


What else?

pizza the hutt? may the scwartz be with you? and possibly my very favourite line from the movie


There is a better one:


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The 360 hasnt had any relevant games in years, PS3 was still getting world class exclusives very late in its life cycle, thats a bullshit excuse from Microsoft.

Microsoft has basically made a PS4 clone but weaker, So Lemmings, instead of buying that weak rip off, why dont you just buy the original?

But can the PS4 do Live TV? Does it have an HDMI input, Does it have a snap feature? Can you do two things at once on the PS4?

Stop reaching brah

From what Tv show does that gif come from?

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Maybe because SE just want to make "Go from A to B" type of RPGs? :-P

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Looks cool. Hope they can make it happen. :-)

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Hmm, so this is like Naruto, but with ( . Y . ) s? =P

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Looks like From Software has abandoned the Armored Core franchise and replaced it with Demon Souls / Dark Souls type of games. :-\