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I am a GAMER and I am ALIVE! ( #GamerGate )


Because of ALL the controversy surrounding #GamerGate, I like to express my profound rejection of those who wish to SLANDER gamers or worse (make PROFIT out of those vile acts). For that I DECLARE: I AM A GAMER AND I AM ALIVE!!!

Thanks for whoever made this image.


Why the WiiU FAILED

Well, hi there fellow gamer. It has been a long time since my last blog, that's because I haven't something interesting to tell; besides no one reads them anyway. But even so, I like to blog my points of view for the future of mankind. :P 

That said, here is WHY the WiiU FAILED as a gaming product by Nintendo:


ACT 1 

Iwata & Reggie: Casuals, BUY our new WiiU!!

Casuals: Hmm, how much for the new tablet thing?

Iwata & Reggie: It also comes with a NEW console, it has HD graphics and you can use Wii games on it!

Casuals: WHAT?! A NEW console?!! Who do you THINK WE ARE? HARDCORE GAMERS?!!

Iwata & Reggie: :cry:


ACT 2 

Iwata & Reggie: Fellow Hardcores, BUY our new WiiU!!

Hardcores: What?! Another gimmick?! Why didn't you make the Wii with HD graphics in the first place? And where are the GAMES?!! Why are third party developers ditching the WiiU?

Iwata & Reggie: But Mario, Zelda and Super Smash Bros. will be available SOON. Also Bayonneta 2 is going to be awesome.

Hardcores: Yeah, too little too late. While you do that the XBone and the PS4 are going to have GTA5, The Witcher 3, MGS5, Destiny and many other badass games that the WiiU will NEVER get.
So what kind of gamers do you take us for? CASUALS?!!

Iwata & Reggie: :cry: :cry:


ACT 3 

Iwata & Reggie: Hi there fellow, BUY our new WiiU!! It has HD graphics and it's backward compatible with the Wii, so you can have an extensive library of games.

Newbie Gamer: AH, no thanks. I already have a tablet and it doesn't need a TV. BTW, does the WiiU play that awesome game that I saw; I think it's called Gran Theft V ... or something?

Iwata & Reggie: :cry: :cry: :cry:


To summarize, it's ALL Nintendo's fault for FORGETING who their customers really are.

Hope you'll learn from your mistakes, Nintendo. :roll:

Beware of EVE Online

Yep, It has been a while since my last blog, but don't blame me, too much work and studies have kept me from updating. And since I'm still a Last Gen gamer (still on PS2 and old PC games), there is little I can tell about anything new.

That changed after I had my first MMO experience. Yes, my first taste of MMO, that's because I'm not interested in MMO games. But a friend at work convinced me to try Eve Online, a MMO that takes place in space. To be more precise, it's a game where you get to be a space ship pilot that navigates different types of ships on a huge variety of star systems.

Sounds fun, eh? Well, not really when you get blown away on your FIRST TUTORIAL! Yeah, you read it right. It happened after I shot the wrong ship (can happen to any rookie). The second instance after that mistake was the destruction of my ship by whomever (the police or the ship that I mistakenly took as a pirate ship). :?

The GOOD thing is you don't die and if you did, there is a clone at your space station that will revive and take your place. The BAD thing is you LOSE your ship with all that's in it. Oh, big deal I can just go buy another one. Sure, if you have millions in game currency, no problem. But those ships cost more than a new Ferrari (well, maybe it's because they're space ships?).

If it wasn't for my friend who lend me the money, I would be flying the basic frigate (you can get it for free, after you get blown away).

After that my friend asked me to accompany him in a mission (cool, now we're going for some real action). We were happily shooting at space pirates, when suddenly I got shot and destroyed by the space police.

WTF?!! Hey, what's the big idea?!! :shock:

To make the story short. I was shot by the police for shooting my friend's loot that was left by the pirates he destroyed. HEY, we're on the SAME TEAM!!! (you form a fleet with your partners before going on a mission).

THAT's IT, I'm leaving this game before I get shot for jaywalking or anything else!!! :evil:

If anyone is interested in trying out this game, READ THIS FIRST or get ready to be frustrated when you get obliterated (again and again) for reasons you don't know. The in game tutorial just plain sucks.

Eve Online is not for everyone. In this game anything goes. You can be the king of the hill and end up a space beggar in the next instance (after a group of happy gamers raid your ship and all your wealth) in matter of minutes. Now that's something to get really frustrated on. Lucky me, I didn't arrive to that situation. :roll:

Well, no more Eve Online for me. I'll be waiting for my next MMO which might be Guild Wars 2 (hope I don't get burned by a dragon in the tutorial).

Until next time. ;)

My First Review

When I bought Samurai Shodown Anthology (PS2), I thought that my dream to own this great series has come true. After playing it, I realized that my dream was too good to be true. :roll:

This big disappointment of mine, resulted in the creation of my FIRST review here at GameSpot. I made it just to inform (warn) other gamers of the incompleteness of this collection, which sadly, could have been great.

To make things short, one of the games (Samurai Shodown V) was totally BUTCHERED. The dialog between the characters that happen at certain moments during the game are GONE. How do I know that this is factual? It's because I own the Japanese version which is called Samurai Spirit Zero (too bad I don't read Japanese).

There is NOT even a dialog with the final boss before fighting him (LAME). :evil:

SNKPlaymore, this is a shameful way to sell your games!

I will be MORE careful with your collections in the future. :?

Long Live PS2!

Well, we are already in the middle of this gen and I'm still at the sideline. I'm NOT buying the expensive PS3 so that I can play a few games that interest me (MGS4, FF XIII, GOW 3) and with multiplatforms looking better on another console.
I'm also NOT buying the Xbox 360 with its despicable RRoD curse (Jasper hasn't been proven, yet and screw the 3 year warranty).
Finally, the Wii isn't for me (did that rhyme?). :roll:

So, that leaves me with my BIG OLD FAT PS2. Been with me since 2003 and STILL alive and kicking. Lots of unfinished games, but what's this? More games coming for the PS2 (Devil Summoner 2, Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus, Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4)? :shock:

Although these games may not be much to brag about but still it's something to take note that there are publishers that keep bringing more games to this console.

Yes, you can say that I'm missing all the fun of the current gen, but that happens when you got a tight budget and a world in recession looming over you.
All this translates into a feeling of disappointment towards the current gen.

I hope Sony and MS don't repeat their mistakes in the NEXT-GEN. Backward Compatibility and NO defective hardware, PLEASE. 8)

In the mean time, here comes Fatty PS2 to the rescue! I'll bow to the KING of last gen and admire its longevity (entering it's ninth year).

LONG LIVE PS2! Let MORE games come to you! (did that rhyme?) ;)

My Gratitude For The Truth of RRoD

It's been a while since my last blog. But something important has appeared that has confirmed our suspicion of a foul practice of an important console company.

Yes, you may already have guessed, I'm talking about Microsoft selling defective Xbox 360s. :?

This truth was revealed to us by a brave ex-employee of VMC (which tests games for Microsoft) . For more detail, please read:


I like to express my sincere gratitude to this courageous person who spoke the truth (at the cost of his job). Not many people have the guts to do that.

I don't care if he broke a contract for exposing M$'s dirty act. What IS more important is that this guy told the TRUTH for the world. He did THE RIGHT thing.

Mr. Robert Delaware, thank you for the TRUTH and I wish you good luck in finding a new job. 8)

As for you Micro$oft, you can ROT in RRoD Hell. :evil:

Dawn Of Loss

Even though it's a little late for this rant, I'm going to do it anyway.

When I first played Dawn Of War (the first one), I was drawn into its story. The story about war, mystery and betrayal really got me wrapped up and pushing forward to see how it unfolds. :shock:

Although the Space Marine's story is short (about 11 missions), it was totally satisfying. The characters that are involved in the story also participate in the battles. This makes the game even more interesting. What's even better is that each character really stands out with his/her own personality. The voice of each of them is very well done. The personalities were so well done that I even cared for the bad guys. This shows that great character development is also possible in RTS games. 8)

To grasp these things that I'm saying, here is a cutscene that you will see after completing one of the missions (thanks BigDickCheney): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-z8FjCm9ik

So, the great story and the interesting characters make this RTS game really enjoyable from the beginning to the end. If any of you want to try an RTS with personality, this is the game.

I CAN NOT say the same for the successor of this game, which is DOW: Dark Crusade. Dark Crusade (DC) has more factions, more units and an entire planet that you must conquer (consists of a bunch of regions that are shown in a map), BUT NO story. There is some background that a narrator tells you, some in-game text about each region and some cutscenes when you conquer an opposing faction's headquarter, but nothing more. An annoying element that surprised me was that the Space Marine Commander sounded like an office manager, not comparable to the great Cap. Gabriel Angelos. :roll:

Maybe it's just me, but I think I got too used to linear RTS games where there is a story, that I can't seem to enjoy DC. What's probably even more disappointing is that the next DOW game, DOW: Soulstorm might go down the same path as DC. More factions, more units and now 4 planets + 3 moons. But I DOUBT there will be a story that develops during the game. :|

This LOSS of story in the DOW series is regrettable and will probably steer me away from buying Soulstorm. But tell you what, I'm going to re-install the first DOW and play it again (for the 5th time) just to experience the story and hear the characters engage in conflict that will seal their destiny for survival or damnation. ;)

Chaos does not teach, it misleads and betrays.

Cap. Gabriel Angelos (DOW)

After The Storm And Where We Gamers Stand

Well, after all that lamenting, complaining, criticizing, cursing and boycotting in the heat of The Gertsmann controversy, it's time to take a deep breath and cool down. Let the dust settle and look again at the horizon that we call GameSpot.

There is NO doubt in me, that GS is not the same site that I used to know. Something has changed. I'm afraid that this change is caused by the ability of game publishers to pressure game reviewers for a favorable score/review.

The publishers need to get good publicity for their games. This allows them to lure a determined number of people into buying their products. The more people buy, the better. But things get really ugly when a publisher doesn't get a high positive response from the consumers, in other words: low sales.

Today's Next-Gen (or should I say Today's Gen?) has made sure that development cost is almost as high as making a first rate movie. Almost real life graphics, immersive gameplay and high quality sound comes with a steep price. All this contributes in an obligation for the publishers to be able to sell above a minimum quantity, in order to cover their development cost and gain a decent profit (for example, take a look at Konami's MGS4).

With that kind of responsibility (to make decent money), publishers CAN NOT afford BAD/NEGATIVE publicity. And low scores or bad reviews are BAD publicity for them. So it's understandable when they are trying to manipulate the reviews just to obtain good publicity. :?

BUT that doesn't mean WE gamers have to tolerate such acts of CORRUPTION. We have to look and find objective reviews, try demos, rent or borrow BEFORE buying.
WE must MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND, that if they make lame, broken and horrible games, no matter what score/review they have, they can shove them into their noses, because WE WON'T BUY THEM. 8)

The Credibility and a Farewell for Jeff G.

I like to ask a question to anybody on GameSpot of what kind of credibility is there when a reviewer gets FIRED just because he/she gave a low score to a game that deserve it but had a financial backing of a publisher?

In my opinion NONE. And what's worse, when this happens, how will we ever trust a game review without thinking: "Is this review accurate or was it manipulated?" ? :evil:

A VERY important WISDOM: Credibility CAN NOT be bought; it has to be EARNED by being truthful and objective.

My best wishes and farewell for Jeff Gertsmann, you will be truly missed. :cry:

Still Waiting At The Sideline For Next-Gen

Well, its been almost 2 years since the Next-Gen console wars started. I'm still waiting at the sideline, looking for the one that suits me. Given that I have a limited budget, I can afford only one of the three consoles.

The Wii is cheap and fun, but it's not for me. I don't see myself slicing the air to cut a monster in two or doing that a 1000 times (sore wrist or arm, anyone?). :P

That leaves me with the other two. I consider that both machines can produce great looking images, so I'm not going ponder any longer on the matter of graphics.

Lets start with the Xbox 360. Good piece of hardware and affordable. About its library of games, it's a great thing that Real Time Strategy (RTS) games are not exclusive for the PC anymore. Command & Conquer 3, Battle for Middle Earth II and probably Supreme Commander and Warhammer, these games have drawn my interest. :roll:
The downside of its library is in the Role Playing Game (RPG) genre, maybe that's why this console isn't faring well in Japan. But the coming soon Lost Odyssey might change that. I have seen some trailers of this game and it looks promising. I'm mostly into Japanese RPG, so Oblivion is not a game of my choice. Also, I consider Blue Dragon more of a kiddy RPG.

One thing that the X360 doesn't lack is First Person Shooters (FPS), but I have left this genre for some time and I don't expect to return to it any time soon.

There is one huge problem that this console has that really scares me away. It's called Red Ring Of Death (RROD). I have read that there are people who have had this problem and had to buy a 2nd console. Some even went for their 3rd or 4th. Microsoft selling defective consoles and people buying them? I wonder, how could this be? :shock:

Finally, the PS3. Powerful and expensive. Sadly, until now, the only game available that interests me is Ninja Gaiden Sigma.
I'm a PS2 gamer, so when Sony announced that it's ditching Backward Compatibility (BC), I thought, this is bad. The 60Gb PS3 is no longer available where I live and I heard that the 80Gb version's BC is done without the Emotion engine. In other words, when my fat PS2 stops working my library of games will be history. :(

It seems that I'm farther from Next-Gen than I thought. I don't know if there are other gamers that are in the same situation like me. But until Next-Gen offers the things that I want from it, I'll be waiting at the sideline for it to deliver. 8)