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Little Big Planet and Gow

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I just picked those 2 games up last night and it's really interesting how GoW can have these old PS2 graphics and still make a presentation that keeps the game totally fascinating and keeps me glued. Little Big Planet on the otherhand is interesting about how it is an actual sidescroller and so amazing also. I'm thinking that I might pick up the first uncharted up sometime soon.

Just Finished FF 13

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I'm VERY surprised to say I REALLY enjoyed it, I hated 10 and loved everything before that. I think this game is good but I hope they don't continue into this direction further.

I'm still playing FF13

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I'm about 40 something into the game and things have gotten much more challenging but not in a fun way. I had been seriously enjoying this game up until this point but now it just feels painful to continue and I'm sure I will but not as much as I had before so it looks like I'm going to go back to jumping around with different games again. I haven't finished Bayonetta yet and I'm looking forward to more of that. I'm also climbing up the leader boards very quickly for my bp with Adon and last time I played I was around the top 500 which isn't much but it's far from the worst. I'm also playing PSO BB, I've had my Humar at lv105 for a few weeks now. I can't find new good weapons and I'm not playing as much. I mostly focused on FF13 last week.

I picked up FF13

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I'm actually enjoying this much more than I expected and the main hero doesn't have a totally wimpy personality. Hope reminds me of Tidus too much.


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I have to admit that my expectations were high. I thought this would play like DMC and it does have it's similarities but it is also noticeably different and in a good way. This game totally blows away any DMC out right now and anything similar as well. I am really enjoying this game so far but unfortunately I will probably be spending many more hours with SSF4 for now, I think I'm going up in the leader boards fairly quick so it being very encouraging.

picked up Bayonetta and SSF4 today

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so far I've been playing SSF4 only and it's great. I don't know what was changed about Sagat or Ken, Gen is painfully nerfed even though he was never so great in the first place. Makoto and Ibuki have their controls changed drastically from SF3 and for my first run through with them they seemed virtually unplayable. Dudley is pretty good and is the new guys are fun too. The online seems great, additional back grounds are nice and the new super/ultras seems mostly good. The matchmaking seems good too. Most importantly my favorite is actually playable in this game and works mostly as I remember, ADON really is the king of mui thai when he's in my hands! Everyone from SSF2 seems pretty solid as well. I am already hating Hakan just like I do Rufus, not because they're bad fighters but because I'm encountering them so often and it is just a little funny to think out of 35 fighters and trying someone new every match I fought him about 10 times already. In SF4 I thought that Vega was nerfed too badly but in SSF4 he seems far more playable, even if he still isn't one of my favorites. Some fights in here seem simply perfect and would have never imagine how fun it would be to match El Fuerte against Dudley. The SF4 new guys all seem the same basically, but now that they are already familiar they seem to be more fun to me. My main complaints about SF4 were the lack of variety with super/ultras along with the lack of fighters who fight like Adon this one seems to adress both of those issues and even includes 3 fighters like Adon (himself, Ibuki, and Juri). If only Makoto,Ibuki, and Adon's controls had stayed what they had been I would have nothing but praise but I know they are changing things still and I can hope,for Gen too. Now that I've gotten my thumbs all sore with this I'll be moving on to Bayonetta and I'll probably give tons of info on that next.

Just got No More Heroes 2

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it was really good and I'd totally recommend to anyone who likes hack and slash games. It has a weird and interesting story/graphic style and gameplay.

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