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Today I finally got my PStwo modded... and I wish I didn't!!!

At least I can get cheap games now.

Modchip Tip.

Here's a tip for anybody who wants to mod their system:

DO NOT buy modchpips (that require soldering) by themselves.

You will NOT be able to install them yourself.

You best bet is to do a 'Local' Google search for people/companys

that offer modchips with installation.

Modchip trouble

Damn I got suspended for posting about modchips.

But I ended up ordering one from a website for my

PStwo for $60, for anyone who cares.

Final Fantasy VII

Booya, I finally picked up an old Playstation

memory card so that I can save me file

on Final Fantasy VII.

New Game

Today I bought Final Fantasy 7 used, but I found out the hard way that I need to get an old PS1 memory card to save it on my PS2 system.

New Console

Today I bought my PS2.

With it, I purchased Need for Speed: Underground 2, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.