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Bye, MoH

Well, I guess we hoped for too much when it came to the new MoH. It was a flunk, and, a few weeks ago, I traded my copy in for Black Ops. Sorry, EA, but I guess the MoH franchise has to wait in the shadows for a little longer before it will become popular once more


Well, I just signed up for Fuse. I'm sure it'll be fine by tomorrow, but right now it says I have a gamerscore of 4525 but no achievements... hmmm. Oh well. Not much else new here, just enjoying San Francisco and all that it has to offer.

Mafia II

Hello nonexistent readers! I recently pre-ordered Mafia II and, despite what the cynics are saying, after playing the demo I feel great about my choice. I have seen no major graphical glitches and the gameplay feels fluid, fun and exciting. It's shaping up to be a game that will keep me occupied for a while.


Hello world of gamespot and whomsoever chooses to listen to my rantings. After a long and aggrivating period in which I was suspended for an unnamed crime, the issue has finaly been resolved and I am now free to use the site to the utmost of my level 3 power!