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It's been FOREVER since I've been on here! Holy crap 5 flipping years man! wow! I was still in high school when I had this! Anyways, life is amazing, still gaming. Jesus I've got a lot to update on here!


I conformed

I have a PS2 now, and i bought guitar hero and bully.

I am addictted and I am not going to rehab.

literally i haven't slept in 48 hours, it's nice. and awesome! I have forgetten about many things, the phone has been turned off. it's getting out of control.

But i still don't like Sony. hahaha.

I need

an xbox 360!!! Guitar Hero II is coming out on that thing, it's going to be amazing I was really iffy on every purchasing that console but this just sealed the deal and I am excited.

This is going to motivate me to get a job. BIG TIME


FINALLY! Level 10, god i feel like i had a baby!

Unfortunatly though I may loose my good taste emblem once again because I reccently bought fight club which, is a terrible video game, and a waste of time, maybe i should take it back thursday. Hmmm. Yeah I think I will.

College is still kicking my butt and I have no time for this website, I am living off of magazines and second hand information, oh well.

Ok I am off, I have a paper to write and I just felt like checking in.

Over and out.

level up

Just. A Little Bit. More.

anyone know where a full time college student can get a job that doesnt lower her grades? thanks.


Gamespot needs to get their stuff together, i tried going to a post i reccently made and they kept sending me to the homepage.

This isnt the first time this has happened....

Other then that, sorry for not being a great friend guys, college has started up and it seems i really dont have any time to go on the computer and argue about video game system.

But my god have I been playing them! I am really excited about Sept. 13th and 14th. Getting my black DS Lite and then hearing when the Wii comes out.

Those two days are really the only two days i am looking forward to this whole month. Literally every other day i am taking a quiz, test, or even an exam in one of my classes, there's always some paper to write and blah blah blah.

Add in the fact that waking up at 5:45 in the morning and going to bed around mid-night is starting to take a toll on my body, I've been falling asleep on the bus a lot and almost missing my stop. :lol:

But I am in love with life! And this really cute guy in my Anatomy class. Can anyone think of something witty to say for that, because i sure can. 8)

Over and out.

Well, Here's What Happened

Turns out i am not too fond of MPH, and I am acutally returning it come Tuesday. I hope I get a refund back of some sort.

Other then that i went up to Austin this weekend and my friends and I literally all day of Saturday and early monday stayed in their apartment and played Call of Duty 2 non-stop.

Guys, I want an XBox 360, my birthday is next month anyone want to be super nice? :lol:

Other then that i really don't like posting in our fourms, some people are just rude and take things way too serious. People, it's video games, not gobal warming. :lol:

Speaking of Gobal Warming today was very nice in Texas, there wasn't any heat and it was....RAINING!!! I found it very odd but I am also full of content.

I keep wanting to call my ex-boyfriend, but something is holding me back, silly emotions. Alright, too much girl talk.

Did everyone see Shoemarker on On The Spot!!! Honestly, gorgeous!

Over and Out.

Guess What I Bought...

So here's the deal, i have, for the past week, been waking up at 5:45 in the dead early morning thtat time doesn't exist to most of us, and been going to my classes, and getting out around noon sometimes one.

My college is downtown and i have to ride the bus to it, i don't mind actually the bus is pretty funny you meet the strangest people on the bus, the other day i was on it and this guy asked me if i knew where his flowers were, so from then on i listen to music, but it was just, strange. Anyway one of the stops is right next to the down town mall, which i haven't been in since i was about 11, I went in there to go get something to eat but instead of eating food i walked  into EB games and got...

Metroid Prime Hunter. Yes, that's right. What made me buy it iI made myself think of a really good reason to buy it and the reason was, I just survived my first week of college. So heck yeah i bought it! I am not that good at it yet i have to get used to the controls and what all the weapons do, but silly me went onto Wi-Fi as soon as i could and got pwn.

But once i get better i can't wait. Here's my FC: 1246 3165 9708. This FC is also Temporary! So don't get used to it.

If you do add me awesome, just be sure to PM me with your FC and you can have your go at also pwning me :lol:

Over and Out.

First Day In College

Well, my community college has wireless access, and also they have a game room with arcade and all that great stuff to distract me. First day of college was awesome so much better then High School looking forward to the fall semester, not looking forward to having to pay it.

MY LINKSYS FINALLY CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY!!! It took me a good 2 hours to finally get it setup because i am stupid, acutally no i just kept messing up on the same part over and over again. And because of all this i lost my old friend code, but it's ok because I didnt have any friends :(

Speaking of Friend Codes here is my new one: 047321-977052 I'll accept anyone and everyone PM if you add me and then sometime through the week we'll hit it up and have super fun.

That Friend Code won't be for too long either because I am planning on returning this DS Lite to get the black DS Lite coming out in September, I am sorry but white electronics aren't my thing, which is why I don't have an Apple Computer.

Over and out. Where has Shoemaker gone???

Yay, everyone dance

I beat the New Super Mario Bros. game, had a mini-party with my friends.

School is next Monday and most of my close friends are leaving to go to college today, it makes me sad. I will now become depressed and antisocial, sit in my little corner in my room, DS in my hand, or an Xbox controller, and play video games whenever I dont have class or have to take a shower.

hahaha just kidding, I hope to meet new people, but at the same time I wish I still had the old ones around. It will be hard, it's like high school all over again only really I have no friend base to start off with. :cry:

and honestly, what happened to my emblem????

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