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A Gaming Blog, Xbox 360 and the last generation.

I just finished my stacks for gaming through years since 1997, and while it proved somewhat challenging to recall most of

the games I'm satisfied with the results, I can compile my gaming habits, and be able to observe a few patterns and really

get to actually see from the outside what my favorite games and kind of games are, the generation that is just ending

brought the most gaming for me and I got to experience a lot of different games and genres.

First of all, my favorite franchises, MAss Effect games were the best each year that they came out, Splinter Cell has

been always among the best of them with each iteration, and so has Halo main games (wars, ODST and Anniversary are

the ones I'm not to fond of), and I got to be a huge fan of Bethesda RPGs, Assassin's Creed got two games that came on

top on different years, but also had good (butnot that good) games, Batman Arkham games were also among the best with

each new entry, both Rainbow Six Vegas games were the second best each year they came out (so naturally I want a new one)

and Far Cry has been also one of the most propositiveshooters out there, and Crysis made some interesting cases with

their new iterations, I also see that I enjoy new franchises and IPs every thime they come out, and well last but not

least, Stealth games, and RPGs are my favorite genres out there.

Also, Call of Duty marked a huge trend this generation, but I did not enjoy but the first couple modern warfare,

after that I kind of got done with the series, the reboot from Tomb Raider and Devil May Cry, drew me to try the newest

installments, and enjoy them more than the predecessors, Battlefield brought me great joy in the Bad Company iterations,

but failed in the console versions for part 3 and 4.

Finally, I can safely say that my most played game of the past generation was Skyrim, it brings a lot of fun and immersion

to me making me try different things all the time, and taking the time to explore and amaze at the scope of the game, most

of my game time was made in the 360 (although I owned all the consoles at some point), and well I just have to feel

happy for all the gaming I got this generation and I also got to knew some nice folk (mostly gamespoters) because of this


A Gaming Blog, Xbox One a couple days later.

So far, I've played 6 games for Xbox One, Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3, Battlefield 4, Killer Instinct, Killer Instinct Classic and FIFA 14, after the first day game installing got way smoother and faster, and I actually got to kid around with the voice commands, so far they are not perfect, but they seem to work properly 95% of the time, and well the transition between games/dashboard,/apps is seamless, which makes it very convenient, one point I have to say I dislike is how achievements are now in the backrow of a game experience, get to the Achievements screen takes a lot longer than it should and is not as esasy to browse them, on the plus side the DVR works like a wonder.

A Gaming blog, Xbox One so far.


Man this is kind of tiresome, first an update, then the installation after that if one wants to play you have to wait for the game to be installed, so far I'm not happy Microsoft, and why would I need an Xbox live connection to install a game on a disc?

A Gaming blog, Xbox One so far.


Man this is kind of tiresome, first an update, then the installation after that if one wants to play you have to wait for the game to be installed, so far I'm not happy Microsoft, and why would I need an Xbox live collection to install a game on a disc?

The point of gamers wars?

So far since the announce of the most recent generation of consoles, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and PC users/gamers, are throwing barrage after barrage of thrash talk against the consoles that they are not planning to pick up, to some extent I understand this, what's the point? is beyond me, as most people go out of their way to make the other consoles look bad, fanboyism and trolling are obvious participants of this "discussions" but my real question is, what's the goal of all this? what's the purpose of this "system wars"? is it to make someone regret their choice? or is it a way to mock other people? or are we doing the PR and marketing job of global corporations and try to destroy the competition? are they to make someone else change their choice?

A gaming blog, gaming between generations

Hi! a new blog entry for this long forgotten blog, well it's just a few more days until the release of the next generation of console (for microsoft and sony that is) and while I will be making the jump myself, it's going to be a bit weird, because I have so many games to play in my backlog (which continues to grow), for starters I got a couple intergenerational games in NBA 2k14 and Assassin's Creed IV, NBA 2k14 is what you would expect from the basketball franchise, and Assassin's Creed IV was a nice surprise because is the pirate games we always wanted, and also a solid Assassin's Creed game.

Other games that I have played recently worth noting are, obviously GTA V (which at the moment I'm not playing due to the game deciding to erase my game progress after an update), Batman Arkham Origins which I really liked but was a step behind City to be honest and a really surprise in the form of Rayman Legends which is a brilliant game full of fun and great moments.

A gaming Blog, Gamespot's update

GS has always been like my gaming mancave, where I could get around the people to talk about games, a couple days ago I tried to publish something, but I was unable to due to Gamespot changes, now I see what they did with the site and I think it's good, feels more intuitive and easier to navigate, anyway, I totally like it.

A Gaming blog, Next Gaming Generation.

Oh yes I went there, it's been a long time since my last gamespot blog, but since this si my oldest account I think it's fair I do my take on the next generation and current state in general gaming.

 Well first of all my Xbox 360 has seen a lot of gaming, I got into buying games, but haven't had the time to play them all, my backlog is in the fourtysomething, but I have plenty of varierty to play, I have finished a couple games, like FarCry 3, Mass Effect 3, Tomb Raider, Crysis 3, and I'm still on my way through in so many, I recently restarted Dead Space 3, with a friend, and well I have this deep addiction to xcom Enemy unknown, too many games and not enough time to play them, heck I even play the first Borderlands from time to time. And there is the new Splinter Cell and GTA V so theres plenty of gaming

 Well I feel like I should properly speak of 3 games, which are FarCry 3, Mass Effect 3 and X-Com Enemy Unknown.

 FarCry 3, to me this was one of the best games and my favorite First Person shooter from last year, it had the open map, a ton of gameplay options, a good arsenal, and the random factor of animals (specially predators) also a brilliant cast of characters, I bought Blood Dragon as a way to expand my experience but I haven't find the time to play in all extense.

 X-Com Enemy Unknown; this is my first approach to the franchise and I while I am not the biggest fan of Strategy games, this is a game I really enjoy, all progression and desition making, makes this game formidable, the satisfaction to clear a map in perfect condition is hardly match by other games

 Mass Effect 3; finally! got to finish the Mass Effect trilogy, after 6 years, I consider this as my favorite game series of all time, and I think my approach to the game was the best possible, since I got all the DLC beforehand and got to experience the whole game and add ons as a unique experience, the gameplay and story was great, and with so many familiar faces and plots, I felt rewarded at every step, this is the best game I have played and I guess the expanded ending helped me appreciated in the best form. Oh! and the citadel DLC is some of the most fun with digital characters I have ever had!


Anyway, there is also the new generation which I havent had time to talk about, after many news and information I decided to move to the Xbox One, I decided to get it for a couple of reasons, over it's closest competitor the PS4, first of all, the controller, I have never liked the Dual Shock I had a PS3 and never really felt comfortable with the controller and the button layout, then the games, I never liked the big exclusives of the PlayStation brand (yeah I enjoyed Uncharted, but it is way too linear for my taste, little big planet is great, but that's about it) I enjoy more the likes of Halo and Fable, there are also games coming to the XO that seem to appeal a bit more to me, and although it is a bit more expensive, I don't mind paying a bit more for the price of entry, and finally if these last 2 generation serve as an example I have been pleased with the way Xbox handles gaming.

A gaming blog 3

Hi, been another couple months, well things have been rather well for me, I just returned from a gaming hiatus (two months), since gaming stopped being somewhat interesting, but after some time away, I felt eager to play som games, so I chose a couple that had me interested, I got the mass effect trilogy, which has been good memories and I really want to play the third one, I also got FarCry 3, which is amazing and I've barely scratched the campaign, I got assassin's creed 3 which I've been playing very methodical and I'm impressed it seems really immersive, finally I got dead space 3 for co op purposes and whilst I've enjoyed the game I'm not as hooked with it than I was with the first two.

And well I'm fixing on getting Crysis 3, what's really curious is that all this games are the part 3 of their current series, and most debuted this generation, so I guess this is the natural course of a franchise over a generation, cool huh!?

A Gaming Blog, blog 2012

Hi readers of old! been a really long time since my last blog, life been a little shaken up, moved to a different place where I got myself a little distant from gaming, with little options on new games and all I guess it was easier to let go than to just get used to the limited choice of games, which I don't regret one bit due to the massive backlog I had, so Halo 4? Assassins Creed 3? Borderlands 2? I guess I will get them at some point, right now what I'm playing? Darksiders, Borderlands and Crysis, yeaah a bunch of oldies, games I knew I should finish before moving on, but then again I still have a whole lot bunch of other games I still need to get done with.

In the last couple weeks I got to 1k Dragon Age II and Skyrim, I 100% Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (had the Da Vinci Dissapearance for like a year and never played it...which is forgettable at best) and the backlog keeps on! Beyond good and evil HD, Perfect Dark, Banjo-Tooie, etc., also completing a bunch of games, like Enslaved, Bioshock 2, Fable III, etc.

And well after a bunch of games has been played and done, I'll set myself for the whole Mass Effect trilogy DLC included as I never had the time to finish Mass Effect 3.