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Today I got...???

Guys today I got from Alienware, Area-51 ALX CFX. and I'm writing this entry with it and it's my first entry too! XD and my first gaming computer I've ever got and work totally great and I got a game called "Crysis" with it as a gift, the graphic are really AMAZING!!! I love it so MUCH!!! Now I can start makin' previews for PC games, and since I got my PS3 80GB (It also can plays most of PS2 games) , Wii, 360 Lite (It plays all xbox games), GameCube, PSP, DS Lite (For DS/GBA games) so of that, I can do review for most of the games, and that's so cool, I can't wait till I write a preview for my new PC game "Crysis" after finishing the game... That's all for now, See ya all leter!^^