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My Game Collection..

So, I once sold my Wii. I also once sold my ps3, and Xbox 360. My DSi,my DS lite, my PSP 2000... what can I possibly have? I don't know why I'm posting this but what the hell right? I'm just gonna list what consoles I have and how many games I have for em. Black GCN BC Wii: 10 Wii Games 4 GameCube Games Modern Warfare 2 Edition Xbox 360 40 Xbox 360 Games 4 Xbox Games 80GB BC Playstation 3 27 Playstation 3 Games 78 Playstation 2 Games Black 3DS 3 3DS Games (#4 is coming soon, Heroes of Ruin) 4 DS Games Black PSP Go I don't know how many games I've DL'ed to it. Black PS Vita None yet, as I just 'got' it yesterday. So, I've decided to become a collector. I have a few legacy consoles as well... with a few games for each of those. Now I just need more money :)

Goodbye Wii.

Well, I sold my final two remnants from my Wii days. I guess I'm officially now a Xbox 360 fan.

I sold my copy of Mario Kart Wii, my last two classic controllers, and all my ps2 games minus 3 yesterday to purchase some items for my 360. Halo Wars is a fun game, in most aspects.

So here I sit today, I mourn my Wii days as I do miss them. And I await the days till I feel like rebuying one, and all the games that made my library huge.

Resident Evil 5

As I walked out of GameStop it hit me, I pre-ordered a $89 game that I hadn't really even thought about getting. Had only the intention of going in and putting some money on my Afro Samurai preorder(don't ask why I got that for, its a pathetic reason) and walked out with two more preordered items.

I say items cuz for some reason I preordered the Lost and Damned expansion pack for GTA4. Sure, I do own this game, and sure I could just download it.. but I like having boxes, and posters. I mean, hell, I'm addicted to free stuff that GameStop gives away. Plus, it was MY store and we needed the numbers to stay competive with the rest of the district.

Ah well, looks like I'll be killing some zombies and some hoes pretty soon. Collectors edition of RE 5 FTW.

Go ahead, talk trash about my Wii.

Does it make you feel more manly(or womanly) to bash my Wii online? To talk pure trash about its graphics? Or its online? Or perhaps it makes you feel special to point out that it(like the ps2) has a lot of trashy games on it(It makes me happy to know it doesn't have any GTA trash). Does it really make you feel better to do all that on an internet forum?

Perhaps it does, But I say this.. Go ahead, bash away. Because at the end of the day, All I have to do is hit the X button on my browser and guess what, you're worthless opinion is just that.... worthless. If it makes you feel more secure about your purchases of your manyy hardcore Playstation 3 or Xbox 360(yes I own a 360, no ps3 yet), then I say have fun at it.

So you may be saying, Well, dot(yeah, I'm a guy), your blog here is just damage control about owning a Wii. Sure, if you say so. I bought my Wii because it has the games I want and like on it. I bought my 360 out of some urge to see what the fuss was about, my favorite 360 game... Burnout Paradise. Guess I just don't like shooters.

My Wii, to you, may be pathetic last gen casual non-gamer kiddie crap, but to me.. its fun. And yeah, I gotta throw a lil trash ya'lls way.. Tell me, what current gen system can you play the two highest ranked gamers ever(on gamerankings) on? I'll give you a hint, its a little white console that says Wii :)

Good Day .

My Hardcore Gamer Status

Ok, I posted this on System Wars once.. And its prolly way down on page 8 million now... so I figured I'd post it here as well.

Am I a Hardcore gamer or not?

This question came to me when I was roaming through system wars on day. Seems, because I own a Wii I am not a so called "Hardcore" gamer. I find this ludacris and plain out stupid. I own a Wii, according to system wars I am either a Casual gamer, a foolish gamer, a non gamer, or a Loyal sheep. Lets disect those 4 'sets' of things I could be.

Casual Gamer

Ok, perhaps, I like casual games. I loved Wii Sports, I do own Wii Play and have played both and had lots of fun with each. This is not my primary likes and is NOT why I bought my Wii. I'm sure this debunks nothing, but I'm going to leave it at that. Perhaps it'll be addressed further along in this blog.

Foolish Gamer

lol, yes.. i'll claim to be foolish on some of my pruchases. Mainly, Splinter Cell. Stupid game with bad controls, but ah well, We all make stupid purchases sometimes. Feel sorry for those who bought Bomberman Act Zero or that 50 cent game. Other than that, I have done foolish things in the past. I bought a Saturn first instead of a PSX. I supported Sega for many years, I've owned every Sega system except 2 I think. Foolish sometimes, sure.. but not for owning a Wii.


Now, this one is one I ponder about. How can you own any video game console, or play ANY game in your life and be a Non-Gamer. the moment you pick up a game and start playing, hey guess what... You're a GAMER! Fanboys need to get over this one, even more so than the others.

Loyal Sheep!

Oh noes, I'm loyal to one company, the end of the world I tell ya. Wait, no, I'm not loyal to one company. I mean, I've owned Sega systems in the past, I've owned Sony systems in the past, I've owned Nintendo Systems in the past, I've owned Atari systems in the past. Yes, that defintly means I am loyal to Nintendo only. That Reggie guy makes my lil kiddie boy loins tremble. lol. Yes, I love nintendo systems, I love their IP's... and sorta their way of thinking on a lot of things, but am I a die hard sheep? Nah, I don't think so.

Now to explain further....

Casual gamers are going to buy the majority of the most popular system for the fact that casual gaming is a very large force right now. I mean, casual games are not hard to make. I myself am working on one at the moment for the PC. People buy them a lot. But for some people, being a casual gamer leads them to more difficult games. Leads them into being a 'hardcore' gamer.

But dot, what makes you think you're a "hardcore" gamer?

Perhaps my 20+ years of gaming? The fact that I have owned countless systems, I still own countless systems, lets list some of those systems I currently own(not the games for said systems, too many but I will list my little collect of Wii games).

  1. NES
  2. SuperNES
  3. Nintendo64
  4. Nintendo Gamecube
  5. Sega Genesis
  6. Sega Dreamcast
  7. Sony Playstation
  8. Atari Jaguar
  9. A PC that I play online games on.

Now, my Wii games may not be that huge of a list but I like most of them. Cept Splinter Cell, which I'm thinking bout giving away or ebaying.

  • WiiPlay
  • WiiSports
  • Rampage: Total Desstruction
  • Splinter Cell: Double Agent (:()
  • Far Cry Vengance
  • Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition
  • Super Paper MArio
  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Soon to pick up Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, Super Mario Galaxy, Zack and Wiki, and a few others when I get the money/when they come out.


So, am I a "Hardcore" gamer? Depends on what your definition of hard core gamer is, but imo, I'm have to label myself as one. But I wont toot my own horn. Not at all.