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Again Double Funny Random Pics

That's right Double Funny Random Pics :P

Do you hating bad translation in anime :lol: :P


they do give out the wrong impression :lol: :P

How to preserve guy's manhood :lol: :P


yup with self control and side kick with women's foot :lol: :lol: :P

Funny Random Pic

Funny Random Pic

What do Naruto gang does on holidays :lol: 


oh lol that what they do on holidays :lol: :P

Another Double funny random pics

Beware when you go to KFC :lol:


oh lol Kira :lol: :P

Do you think Akatsuki watches drama?

well they do :lol:


oh lol look at them :lol: :P

I finally got Kingdom Hearts 3D for my 3DS I've been waiting to get it :P

See you all in unions I'm in ;)

Double Funny Random Pics

Never try to read a fangirl's letter :lol: :P or you get expression from others like this


oh lol why fangirls think that way :lol: :P

this is what you get when you watch anime :lol: :P


oh that is what life to expect :lol: :P

See you all at unions I'm in ;)

MSN Messenger is no more

Yup! I just heard that MSN Messenger is no more.

Who have MSN Messenger, you have to update your messenger to Skype.

I have to upgrade my email and messenger to Skype.

You better do it now.

My new profile theme is Sailor Moon

That's right my new profile theme is Sailor Moon.

I'm a big fan of Sailor Moon Anime since it on TV in 80's.

I heard New Sailor Moon Anime is coming out in Summer 2013 worldwide.

I have all DVD of Sailor Moon and some manga of Sailor Moon.

Plus it is 20th Anniversary of Sailor Moon.

I can't wait to see the new Sailor Moon Anime :P

oh the new Funny Random Pic is in the last blog so you can post your comment there.

See you all in unions where I'm in ;)

A New Year that means for me to get a new theme for my profile

Well it is time for me to change my theme for my profile :P

ok everyone try to guess my new profile theme

I won't tell you the new profile theme :lol: :P

You just have to wait and see :P

A new year needs to continue with Funny Random Pic *Idk which number I left off :P*

Do you wonder why Naruto character don't use the internet? :lol:

this is why :lol: :P


oh lol bunch of Naruto yaoi and pics of themselves :lol: :P