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Animal Crossing New Leaf

I just got my copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf today


The name of my character is Mina like Princess Mina Tepes of Dance of the Vampire Bund anime/manga :P

The name of my town is called Bund as like the anime/manga of Dance of the Vampire Bund.

My town's fruit is Apples.

Anyone has this game wants to visit my town, please bring your town's fruit to mine. I will do the same for you.

Also please give me your mayor's name and town name at this blog so I can write it down and plan to visit your town anytime. I may sell my fruit at yours for a higher price than my town.

I already paid my house. Also donated lots of fishes. I caught 1 Ocean Sunfish on the first day. I will try to catch a shark or 2. One to keep for myself :P and another to the museum.

Here is my 3DS FC if you did get it: 4167-4505-0149 ACE (in caps)

So I see you in Animal Crossing New Leaf ;)

E3 this week, Faces of great manga authors, Double funny random pics

E3 this week

I try to watch some E3 like Unisoft, Square Enix but not much on Microsoft and a bit on Sony.

Reminder Nintendo Fans

Nintendo Direct this Tuesday at 7am. 

Nintendo will say about new games for Wii U and 3DS.

Also anyone who is interested in Animal Crossing New Leaf that is coming out this Sunday. 

Now the faces of Great manga authors:


I mostly read Naruto, Bleach, Kuroshitsuji

Now the big end :lol: :P Double Funny Random Pics

Question: What if the male avengers posed like the female one? :lol: :P

you get this:


oh lol :lol: :P

Another Question: Only Guys will understand :lol: :P


Checkmate!!! Guys :lol: :P

My Thoughts on Project X Zone demo

Today I downloaded a demo of


from my 3DS Nintendo eshop.

OMG! the demo was so awesome. The characters from 3 game makers: Capcom. Sega, Bandai Namco.

The game is a fantasy turn-based means you and AI (enemy) takes turns. You choose to counter (fight), or defend.

Here is a link to the demo gameplay even it is 32 minutes:

I played the entire demo today. I said this game is worthy every dollar to get :P I like all the characters in the demo.

Here is the look at the intro:

This game is due to come out this month on June 25th. So you better preordered or reserved your copy. 

I did for myself and my friend Munchgun.

New Gaming Updates and E3 2013

New Gaming Updates

I did have fun last Thursday at Terraria Game Night Part 2. I was busy making my house underground :P my friend Broken_K and Munchgun's base or you can house above. While Munchgun and Broken_K with other ppls go fight the menancing Wall of Flesh to get Terraria into hard mode I was working on my underground house comfortable to my likings :lol: :P

GS Ranger Elk turns on the same server for the first Terraria Game Night. The server is still running so I keep going back to my world and to the GS Game Night server to add some touches to my underground base. Broken_K was working on his gigantic castle that is so huge. Munchgun now owns the house above my underground :P

Here is a look at Munchgun's house:


and now my underground house :P 


that is me in my Cobalt armor set with a fairy as my light. ;)

June is the month of this game


It is preordered on I preordered one for Munchgun so I can visit his own town. His AC will come around June 11th the day after the release date. Mine will come around June 19 - 21 to my mailbox.

On the same month Munchgun will get this game too:


Yup the Project X Zone Limited Edition from on the release date June 25th.

Mine copy of that game will come around July 1 - 4th to my mailbox :P *mine has free shipping* 

July is for my copy of this game:


I will receive it around July 22 with free shipping :P

In August Munchgun will this game:


It is preordered by me on He received it by Aug 13th.

Most of the games I preordered was on Munchgun's wishlist :P ;)

I just bought 2 classic Legend of Zelda games: Oracles of Ages and Seasons from eshop for $4.99 but it's up to June 20.

E3 2013

I may just watch some to see what Sony and other game makers have for the holiday season in games. Plus I may get new emblems if there is any this year.


Wrong Pairing

Like the title said

Wrong Pairing :lol: :P

it must be NaruSaku and SasuHina not this :lol: :P


oh lol the facial expression on Naruto and Sasuke is totally priceless :lol: :P

Some Updates and funny pic from

Gaming Updates:

I will get my copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf next month

on July I get my copy of Project X Zone Limited Edition like this pic:


I may preorder my copy of Pokemon X and Y.

I join in the fun in Terraria Game Night Part 1, it was fun I got killed by zombies like 3x :P along with my friends Synthia (host), Munchgun and Broken_K. I'm going to join in again for Terraria Game Night Part 2 this Thursday May 23 7:30pm PST. I helped one of my friend here to get Terraria so he won't miss the fun. This time Terraria Game Night Part 2 will have a special guest from GiantBomb.

I will try to get some games that I'm missing in my games collection to catch up with.

Anime/Manga Update

I got my copy of 3 last volumes of Dance of the Vampire Bund manga. I'm planning to get this manga collection to be completed. Plus I may preorder Dive in the Vampire Bund (side story) and Memories of the Sledgehammer.

I'm reading new mangas online like PureBlood Boyfriend, Joker's, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler).

I still reading Vampire Knight, Soul Eater manga that is near to the end.

I'm rewatching Black Butler, Soul Eater, Dance in the Vampire Bund animes :P *anime addiction* :lol:

Funny Pic from



Sorry I can't find any funny random pic for this week

Like the title said

I can't any good funny random pic for this week

oh well, I see you all try to guess my age on my bday :lol: :P

time for simple math how old I am

2013 this year subtract the year I was born 1969 equals ??

that's right I'm 44 

Giratina you were close :P

ok once summer of this year comes, I'm changing everything in my profile

Plus I still have to work on my NaruSaku Online Chat Totally Revised video for Youtube :P

It is now in the 4th Great Shinobi War with my own twist to it :P also a twist in the love affair btw Naruto and Sakura :lol: :P oh no I won't tell you all who is also getting Naruto :lol: :P that is you to see on Youtube :P

Also I'm still working on my Sailor Moon Fanfiction for (OutstandAce170) as author/writer. Plus I'm going to work on a crossover fanfiction for and Youtube video. Crossover with Naruto Shippudden, Dance in the Vampire Bund and Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji).

You noticed I'm on and off from GS b/c I'm watching animes like Black Butler, Soul Eater and others also reading 3 or 4 mangas :P

Please help my dear friend Nightmare-_- to support the unions in GS so please spread the word and tell our Community Managers to upgrade the unions

Well that's all I have to say all ;) See you in unions where I'm at