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Why people get confuse?

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I am going to tell you all about this name.

My real name is Arline Dorthie Kirkpatrick.

My grandma is Dorthie Ellen Kirkpatrick.

My parents choose Dorthie for my middle name so I can remember my grandma when she died October 2, 2008. She died of Cancer in the colons. I was so close to her and love her so much. She tries to do a family tree for the Kirkpatrick family.

I am the 3rd Generation of the Kirkpatrick Family.

But I still like to read mangas, watch anime, play games (Wii, PSP, DS)

I will still be here at GS with my friends...

Finish with everything for this profile and other stuff

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I finish everything for my profile. Yup, the avatar is Domon Kasshu of Mobile Fighter G Gundam. The banner and blog header is the same theme.

My other account is about to be finish with the leader transfer at Anime Horror Union. I will send the thread with the result to Customer Service on Monday December 28.

I will offline toay through December 27 due to my mom's birthday and holiday.

Merry Christmas to you all. See you all on Monday. ;)