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#2 Posted by doppelgang (295 posts) -

I cant believe this. It tells you what the symbol means in the bindings section of the options.


Are you guys blind or stupid?

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[QUOTE="bonafidetk"][QUOTE="Max_Payne2011"]11 07 06 is the release date. Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate IZoMBiEI
it was released 5 years ago? wow.

cant tell if you're joking but Im sure you're aware the year comes first on european dating anyway I'd be surprised if the game was released so soon.

Wait, what?

the DAY comes first in european dates.....

its DAY/MONTH/YEAR, not the other way around......

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ooooh, i dont know...... less focus on consoles?

Less Steam in everything?

Better ideas?

For RTS Games: Massive maps and dozens of units that have their own strengths/weaknesses

For RPG games: Hundreds of weapons, armour sets, spells, locations, quests etc

Less money focussed developing?

Games that arent full of bugs on release (heres looking at you consoles)

Less arguing over what platform is better? everyone knows the PC is king.

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[QUOTE="Evolution-X0"][QUOTE="Silos911"]What if they charged you $1500. This thing would be very expensive if they were going to get licensing agreements from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. I think $1500 would be too less.


The console would still cost less than a gaming PC, and if it could play every game to date including PC titles then hell yeah.

Common misconceptions #677: a kick-ass gaming PC doesn't have to cost $1500.

.....If you build it yourself and source all the hardware yourself.

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Sorry for the double post but:

Macs have really backed themselves into a corner.

They cannot expand into the Gaming industry (or any industry that is dominated by Microsft/Windows) now as they have left it about two decades too late.

Intel owns the Processor/motherboard/RAM markets, Nvidia and AMD and constantly out-doing each other, Alienware and Dell own the High-Tech computer marketand Windows dominates the software industry for anything that isnt design.

Mac has nowhere to go.

#7 Posted by doppelgang (295 posts) -

Pc's are for gaming, office work and industry, Mac's are for designing (as they have the programs and dedicated OS for the graphicdesign industries)

The only bad thing about Pc's (microsoft) is that everyone expects Windows to run on the thousands of 'Frankenstein monster' computer out there with no problems, but it can't do that. The reason Macs are great for design is because they have a very narrow range of hardware, whereas Windows has Intel, Nvidia and AMD fighting it out over who ahs the best stuff.

In short, if you want a gaming rig, you can easily make you own state-of-the-art rig for about £1000 (and i mean with the latest hardware) or buy a state of the art ready made one from Alienware, although they are more expensive.

If you are an artist, graphics designer or musician, get a Mac.

Also, Windows has the best laptops, Mac owns the netbook market (think MacBook and Ipad).

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And the total war guys aperrently have a huge following, and spitting out thier games at a fast pace.


Ah, the key words there are AT A FAST PACE.

They are sacraficing content, stability and playability for the sake of money. Now, unlike most i;m not one to blame the Developers, i blame the publishers, as its they who lay down the deadline and it is they who force them to cut corners.

Creative Assembly were once one of my favo developers, but ever since Empire Total War, i'v questioned the company they keep.

#9 Posted by doppelgang (295 posts) -

'are forced to it back and see what we once loved be destryoed.'

Correction of mistakes:

'forced to SIT back and watch what we once loved get destroyed'

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