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Love is Murder

Oh and BTW my screenplay isstill shapingup well, getting alot of good feedback and the newest version islooking even better.

This is my poem revised and redone enjoy.

Love is Murder

Jessee Coppess

I hold you close, yet, keep you afar.

I keep you safe and protect you from harm.

Until that day you lie,

Until the day we fight,

You yell you don't love me

You scream you don't care

I look down at the table

I pick up the knife.

Just trying to fright

I hold you close, your skin pressed tight

Gaze upon the knife

You say I won't do it

You say I'm not a man.

Its seems its time to depart

I whisper in your ear

I'm gonna tear you apart.

The crimson trickles, drips to the floor

The blood streams from your lips, like never before

Perhaps i shall hide you beneath the floor

I gaze at your body, I make a wish

You shouldn't have made me, so pissed

I loved you, but you lied

I needed blood to become satisfied

I still adore, but never more

Now I leave you, a rotting corpse

I now keep you, beneath the floor

Forever more

FAV movies.

not realy fav but i love so many great movies its hard to decide

Because I write movies and love movies I thought some of you may want to know some of the cinema that influences me.

Donnie Darko

Fight Club


My Name is Nobody

The Prestige

The Propisition

12 Monkeys



Gladiator or The Last Samurai

Tell me what you think maybe remind me of something Ive forgotten or you know what ever.

The Short film

Its called Little Box of Horrors. Its about a group of highschool freinds who get a cursed box with an ancient demon trapped inside.The demon takes them over one by one giving them super human powers.The only way they can survive is if they kill eachother off and try to destroy the box which is controlling the changed freinds.The soundtrack is quite different than most horror comedies but thats what we wanted. It consists of songs such as Chick Habit by April March,Stuck in The Middle by Steeler's Wheel, Cocunut , and also Little Green Bag by George Baker Selection. and a few others that we are still deciding on.

Short Film

Im rewriting my script again of course. But for my other projects Im filming a 20-40 min short film this summer that my freind and I both wrote and directed.It is a horror,comedy that is a sort of evil dead style. We are ruinning on a very small budget about 1000$. that will be edited and we will post on youtube between august and october hopefully.Im doing the music and audio. Im also building the sets and scouting locations.Leave some comments if anyone would like to hear more about it.

Publisher WOOT

Thats right a publisher is interested in making my movie.Ive just finished My fifth draft (Scripts are written many many times before they are made into movies). I will be starting my 6th draft later today I'm hopeing to add 10-20 mins of screen time but maybe not. Still havent sent it to Tarrantino but I will soon. BTW Go see GRINDHOUSE its AMAZING. It will blow your mind.

gotta love a challenge

Ive decided to go a different direction with my script.It will still have all the stuff from before but it will be much more emotional and character driven. I want to create  a story that the audience will truly feel the characters love and pain.Although this is quite an addition to the script It will take awhile to rewrite whats already good and make it great.

BTW heres another poem from the killer (Left on his door its a threat to show he knows where he lives)

I saw a man yesterday,A man who wasn't there, He wasn't there again today I wish he'd go away.


AHH The Legend Thy Sweet Legend

I deleted my last blog post for security reasons it was a short preview .well my film is coming along WAY better than expected and is much better than I thought it would be. skipping,skipping, skipping, I am a big fan of The Legend Quentin Tarrantino.I have been doing some research and I found out how to contact him. Within the month I will be sending The Legend himself a PERFECTED copy of my script.If he likes it A, He could help me write another draft and direct it. B,Like it enough his movie studio would make it(A Band Apart).C, Like enough to produce it or maybe just give me a few pointers. Although it is a possibility that I may never hear from him. I am quite confident. I cant even tell you how excited I am about this screenplay. It is something special and no matter what happens with it, It has a special place in my heart and my 60 or so fans(not many but enough to make me feel like im appreciated).

anyway wish me luck in completing it and CROSS your fingers for the big QT.

A poem/message from my movie not for the feint of heart.


Your children watched,they cried and they fought.Your children watched as I raped their mother to and fro. But your children they were the second to go.They cried as I cut them from toe to toe.their cries so innocent and sweet I could no longer stand upon my feet.I wept some tears of joy as I bathed in the red shower to follow.

You will see my art again sometime soon there I will leave a message just for you.

This is a tape recording in the first scene of the film.The killer is speaking to the detective about the night he killed his family.

well tell me what you think.

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