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4 years since the last blog post. :O

Here's my Youtube channel featuring a bunch of guitar covers.  Gonna do a 90's nostalgic week soon, 'cause I'm a huge sucker for nostalgia.



Any suggestions for new video idea?

Level 40 -- 13% (God, I haven't done that in so long.)

So I've been trying to find different ways to utilize FRAPS, and recently I found out about how The Suffering became a free but ad-supported game, so I tried it out and filmed myself playing through the first level.

Of course, the video turned out to me 20 minutes and 10 gigs in size, so what I've planned on doing is making a compilation of highlights from each level into one video. Currently I'm working on finishing one up and it should be up within the hour, but if anyone has any alternate suggestions or other (preferably less time-consuming) methods of doing this that they'd like to see,let me know in the comment box! This current one is shaping up pretty well, but any other ideas are welcome.


Bought a 360, holy ****

I love Black Friday :D ... I ended up trading in the bundled games for Condemned 2 and also bought Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero 2. It's gonna be a REAL busy week. :D

Insane to the highest degree.

I swear I'll stop with all the Guitar Hero posts soon, haha. Anyway:

Soon I'll be posting myself playing the hardest custom Guitar Hero chart I've ever created, nearly 100 bpm faster than Dragonforce (not to mention 100 times as hard)...if I can even pass it, haha. The song is Sharpest by NTW, and I'm almost done the chart, so it should be up by the end of today.


Ok, today, about 2:30 pm, I just FC'd the infamous 'Red Snake of Death' on full speed in practice twice. I'm still pretty shaky right now, and I completely didn't expect to FC it today, so I don't have any proof with me. Next time I'll try and record it. Thought I'd make a note of it. ^_^

Here's the red snake of death:

That isn't me, by the way, lol. But, I'll try and make a vid of it later. Cheers.

I Just had the Greatest Idea...

↑ That's Toby, our dog. :D ... I was going upstairs one day and watched him walk over and lick the GH3 guitar. He's cool like that 8) so I decided to try something with him.

I got out the camera and, with many treats and finger-fulls of peanut butter, put his paw on every chord in TTFaF. I'm gonna attempt a little stop-motion with him; it's gonna be hilarious. I took all the pictures a little while ago...right now I'm resizing them so they aren't a million billion by a million billion pixels in size :?. I'm also gonna see what I can do about putting a video of the chart in the corner somewhere, but I'll worry about that when I need to.

Anyway, back to resizing to photos...

Victory is mine! Woo!

Well, the Guitar Hero tournament happened today about 6 hours ago. I gotta say it was so frieken awesome. Here's the story:

We started in one of the history teacher's rooms, where one of the sophomores who created the GH tourney told us where each event would take place (easy in one classroom, medium in another classroom, etc.) Well I went to the room along with my co-op partner, who was also in the expert tournament. EVERYONE recognized me was really creepy. Originally, they were going to do Guitar Hero II, which kind of got on my nerves because GH3 has been out for a couple months now. Since our school has its own little news station, there had to have been at least one camera for every blade of grass in my backyard.

They instantly wanted me to play Through the Fire and Flames :lol:. It was really awesome, I must say. Afterward, I must have shaken enough hands to make up for every person at Times Square on new year's eve. 'Maybe his skill will rub off on me...' was the topic of the next few conversations before the tournament started. I really don't mean to boast or anything, but that's how it went.

So the way the tournament proceeded went as follows: the tournament creator picked a song at random, then everyone would be paired up with someone randomly. Each pair would then go into Pro Face-off, and the winner stayed in the competition. The first song was Welcome to the Jungle, which I managed a 98% on. After that was Cult of Personality. I only missed 2 notes in the longest solo, which is pretty close to my record at home.

Once the next group of people were eliminated, the next person who was supposed to play me was currently playing his co-op tournament. So I played Raining Blood before he came back. Ironically, Raining Blood was the next song in the bracket (it's also the only song which my co-op partner can't pass). Even more ironically, he and I were up against each other in the bracket. Even MORE ironically, we got to pick the song of our choice because I had already played Raining Blood. We ended up playing Cliffs of Dover, with me moving on to the championship match.

The guy I was up against had beaten Through the Fire and Flames before. We had the song of our choice, so we ended up playing TtFaF. I came out victorious, with a moderate score of ~489k. Here's what I isn't much, but hey, its still pretty nice:

Well that's the story. I'd do it again if i could (and if they let me next time...:D). Cheers, everyone.

F l N A L L Y ! :D

Well, guys, my impossible task has been completed. I FINALLY passed Through the Fire and Flames on expert in performance mode...not only that, but I took a video of it, too :D. I need to take the video off the camera and transfer it to my computer first, though. Then I'll upload it here (and Youtube, most likely) on GS, because I don't think just telling you I accomplished it is enough :P.

The video should be uploaded by tonight. If I don't have it by then, there's a 98% chance I'll have it by tomorrow.

I'm still kinda shaking from that experience :lol: ... next up... Lou boss battle on performance!!!




Jeez people, I'm kidding :D ... maybe...

Ah, what a day. If I remember correctly, I made 419119 points, 89%, and four stars. I kinda feel like that guy that won the million dollars on 1 vs. 100 last night. Just the ecstasy in that room when I hit that final note... ah man, good times.

Speaking of which, I have a story to tell about GH3. Grab your popcorn, this one is mildly lengthy.

The day before Christmas break, I was walking back to my classroom when one of my friends passes me and says 'KYLE! I've been looking for you!' He nearly drags me back down the hall to the economy teacher's room, where they had Guitar Hero 3. Few people recognized me as the GH god from last year's final day of school, where I passed GH2's Shadows Fall's song with a jammed finger. Well after a couple songs, I took the guitar and decided to play TTFaF on hyperspeed 2. I passed it, and everyone is pretty much staring and laughing in pure amazement at what they just witnessed. A little later, I decided to try it on hyperspeed 5. After passing that, it was nearly time to go, so I had to leave quickly for Christmas break :D.

So anywho, after coming back, I notice a Guitar Hero 3 tournament sign at my can sign up for pro-face off, and you could also sign up for cooperative play with someone else. Well just today, I signed up for the solo tourney (and I plan to enter the co-op with someone else)... ... ... ... ... ...

Now, I walk up to the table where to sign up, and the guys sitting behind it look up at me and go...'KYLE?!' Apparently the entire school populus was inside that classroom that afternoon, cause my name will pop up in any GH conversation you'll hear at this school :shock: :D. They said that they wanted me to play TTFaF by myself at the end of the competition, so if that idea stays, talk about one really REALLY good day. My best high score so far is 612,009, so I'm pretty stoked about it. The tournament is the 17th, so I can't wait for that :P

Well that's pretty much it. I'm going to post te video up as soon as possible, which is most likely in 3-4 hours at the earliest. Cheers everyone :P

More Space = More Movies

So I've been thinking that with the new External HD I have, I can use the space to make movies with FRAPS and post some of my gaming experiences on here so you guys can see some of the crazy encounters I get in some of my games occasionally. Right now I have two videos I plan to post, though I do plan to put more up in the future. So, (once I get them up there :D) enjoy!

I Love Christmas.

Yeah, I really don't know if I'll even get to everything I got for Christmas by the end of new year :D. Here's what I got:

  • An additional 2GB of RAM for my computer
  • The Orange Box (PC)
  • Crysis (PC)
  • Gears of War (PC)
  • A 2GB MP3 Player
  • Headphones specially designed for my Nintendo DS
  • A (much needed :P) shaver
  • A FreeAgent 250GB external hard drive
  • Flash Focus (DS)
  • 2 Wii Classic Controllers
  • Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (Wii)
  • Another DS game (can't remember what it was called, lol)
  • 'The Stupidest Things Ever Said or Done' Calendar
  • 'Guesstures' handheld game (awesome for parties)

Now multiply this list by THREE to compensate for everything my 2 bros got...I'm a very happy camper, lol. Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!

*Proceeds to obliterate the Locust*