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Its cuz I'm pink right?

yea haven't done a post in a while I hardly come on here too. Just having an update on my little life, that its still gay I tried getting bobby (ps3) online but fail!! He only worked for my boyfriend but not for me stupid internet connection but I won't give up I think?? Going to get an Xbox soon maybe 2 paychecks from now. I am probably not going to the mtv movie awards this year having trouble getting there not sure. Ummm just catching up on games thanks to gamefly so its either work or video games. Might take a class in the summer just so I can raise my GPA its sooo terrible its cuz I didn't care about if I failed or not cuz its my money I wouldn't show up or I would be late I would talk during class while the teacher is talking. She look at me and I be looking at her back haha its like stop being jealous sheesh. I'm still the best so blah!

Everyone.....Bobby is Born

Well I finally did it after months of saying I was going to get a PS3, I did. His name is Bobby and he is my new boyfriend. We are soo going to be busy every night hehehe (ewww). I tried getting McSexy (my Wii) online but I failed I guess its not meant to be, very sad. I have a PS3!!! I had to write that again it feels awesome. The stupid thing is I spent my whole paycheck on it and now I have to wait for the next one to get games. Major dumb dumb for me :(

Some Info

Hi guys haven't done a blog in a long time just don't care to do one. I have 2 jobs and had school so thats why I hardly ever came on here. But school is out until Fall and all I will do is work yay!! Saving money for a PS3, the last game I bought was Mario Kart so now that I have more time on my hands and money. I will be spending my time playing games and watching movies. Also going swimming and hopefully I travel soon!! I went to the MTV Movie Awards 2008 I think anybody that knows me has already heard it I keep bragging "Johnny Depp was 100 feet away from me!!" :o. It was awesome I want to go again next year but get real great seats.

DSCN1915.jpg picture by sourchonies

Its the pussycat dolls, as you can tell we didn't have great seats but at least I can say I was there woooo!! My camera sucks though. Anyway hope everyone else is being and feeling amazing as me 8), until next time check you later.

Totally About Me

Hey there all you happy people uh droopy quote sorry I had to put it there. Anyway been a long time since I wrote a blog because I now actually have a life so am not on here as much as I use to. Lets see what can I say well did alot since December I got my CPR and 1st Aid cards, I can save a persons life if I wanted to. Been going to school and its alright, I don't care who you are college is for losers yeah thats including doctors. I went sledding a week ago that was pretty awesome got some bruises but am fine. Am very naughty now but lets not get into that, mmmm cake I want some so bad but need to resist temptation. I bought Rock Band that is like the only new game in a long time I need more money so I can be caught up to everyone else. Haven't seen that many new movies because they usually suck around this time I will wait until March thats when things pick up. I bought new shoes the other day that was pretty interesting. Check you guys later I think? 8)

Am still alive!

Okay just letting everyone know that am back for sure. I don't know what happen but I just stop going on here for a while sometimes I pop in but I didn't really do anything. So sorry if I didn't comment on your blogs or reply back. Some friends actually stop tracking me on here but all well there lost because am so darn amazing they missed out. Am going to college finally in 2 weeks so thats something new and what else Wii controller broke thanks to a no good little bro of mine. Hope everybody is doing fine and once again sorry for not being a good friend on here. Also wanted to make a shout out to Rogerjak for being a great guy ;).

License To Drive

Teen driving

Wohoooooooo and a big Woot! :D I got my driving permit yesterday I just made it I missed 6 and you are only allowed to miss 6 or less. After spending an hour at the DMV of course I was nervous but anyway I can drive with a adult what a bummer but still happy. Sorry for the misleading title I just used it because of the movie am referring to. So watch out Lancaster, Heather is going to be on the road and I drive like Spongebob really I do. But soon I will look like the girl in the pic and have my real driver's license. Am terrible at racing games at the arcade and go karts as well, so I don't know about how well I will do on the road :shock:.

Am very happy! Can't you tell?

Me Names and Things

Well how is everyone? I have made alot of friends on here, some I have to guess because they saw my images oh just kidding. Speaking of pics I put some new ones since my last blog post and a new avatar I thought the last one was getting crusty. I can see that I have 1117 profile views in GS and in 757 yet I have 88 friends, I guess people are picky about who's their friend. In movie news I still want to see 30 Days of Night and Saw IV also the last movie I saw was Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer on DVD. I love this movie because I think its good and my husband Chris Evans is in it (not really my husband but I can dream):P.

Some of you don't know my name so I will tell you its Heather and it won't hurt to mention my last name which is Reid. I know it is so white and pretty common last name anyway I will get married and get a new last name.

Now can you guess what my middle name is I will give you a hint it starts with the letter C ;). Thank you for reading and if you don't comment I know you don't like me :cry:.

P.S I will annouce my middle name in a few days so that some can still get a chance to guess.

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