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Cheap shots, mate, cheap shots. Live is the only thing ms has over sony right now.
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I guess thats why they call it the 360, because its trapped in a redundate circle without any hope of breaking out of mediocrity.megaton3k

You are effin hysterical, respect to you.

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Stopped playing after I completed the single player, which was about 2-3 days after I got it.
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Wasnt the announcement supposed to be the 40Gb console?
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Because Gabe Newell is a knob. He bashed the PS3 a while back. He likes the 360 more because it's practically a PC, which is the only platform he cares about. The port is being left to EA, so you can expect dramatically different results from the PS3 version. 9.5 for the PC and 360, and even if the port is a 9.0 game, take away another .5 just because it's PS3, and you have an 8.5. If they don't stoop that low, they will just take away several of the medals, specifically in the graphics department. Just watch. excelR83

I agree. The PS3 version will get dumbed down and gamespot will end up giving something much lower than the other platforms.

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To everyone who is questioning this guys credibility, he made Elite one of the first 3D games using wireframe graphics but many of you wouldnt know that.
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Not played bioshock yet but I agree about Halo 3.
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Lets see monopolysoft copy that one!
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Half Life.
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[QUOTE="Magical_Guy"]who cares about b/c anyways, a lot of people already own a ps2, and if you don't there really cheap to buy.ramulux
GASP* after all the cows putting down how 360 doesnt have full B/C now that this ps3 doesn't have B/C it's no longer needed? cow logic is confusing

Its not needed because Sony are still supporting the PS2 unlike microsoft and their complete abandonment of the original xbox.

ps im not a cow