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I think the same thing happened to me. I had to quit the game and re load it for it to progress. I think it's a bug in the game.
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Come on fellas. This should be like a proper kick in the nuts for Sony to get their act together lol.
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lol thanks.
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Hey there guys.

Theres currently a poll going on over at the official eu playstation forums regarding whether the EU should have an official Playstation blog just like the US. Right now we have around 450 votes but the more the merrier :). So any europeans on here please go vote.


P.s. forward this link to anyone else you may know who wants to give Sony a piece of their mind. Thanks.


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Cheap shots, mate, cheap shots. Live is the only thing ms has over sony right now.
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Because Gabe Newell is a knob. He bashed the PS3 a while back. He likes the 360 more because it's practically a PC, which is the only platform he cares about. The port is being left to EA, so you can expect dramatically different results from the PS3 version. 9.5 for the PC and 360, and even if the port is a 9.0 game, take away another .5 just because it's PS3, and you have an 8.5. If they don't stoop that low, they will just take away several of the medals, specifically in the graphics department. Just watch. excelR83

I agree. The PS3 version will get dumbed down and gamespot will end up giving something much lower than the other platforms.

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Gears of War, Prey, PDZ....and thats all I can think of at the moment but I guess theres more on the other console.
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Although the graphics and character models were pretty good, the combat seemed broken so there wasnt a flow to the fighting (my opinion of course). 6.5 - 7.0.
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I was having fears also but read the second post.


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microsoft's viral marketing at its best!