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Getting ready for 2nd year of uni!

Looking forward to it loads, but that means that my time on and the internet in general will be severly reduced, as some of you have already noticed. This doesnt mean i've left permently and I will be slightly active.

Nintendo E3 2009

Most people may say nintendo's E3 was bad but there were some gems that were shown.

Mario, Golden Sun 2 but most importantly Metroid! It looks so epic, in fact too epic!
Plus there are still all the other 3rd party games like Red Steel 2, No More Heroes 2, FF etc. 2010 seems so far away now, but at least the wii is picking up now.

Shame about the lack of Zelda Wii, especially after seeing Metroid but there is always the Tokyo Game Show. And I wasnt too impressed by the 2D mario, there looks like there was no effort put in at all. They should just make it a wiiware game or somthing.

So anyway here are some links showing some nintendo E3 clips.

New Super Mario Bros Wii

Golden Sun DS

Metroid Other M (MUST WATCH)

Zelda Wii - Needs to meet up to expectations

E3 is coming up and obviously most wii gamers and well as gamers in general are waiting for this game to be announced. It's only a matter of time anyway.

But ever since the GC era of Zelda games, it's all been getting too easy. However it is not mainly to do with people getting better at games but the games have gotten to forgiving in difficulty lately.

I remember the last Zelda N64 game, Majora's Mask. For those of you that can remember it was that 3rd water boss and the whole area in general. The puzzles really made you think, the enemies only had to knock you down for you to lose, the boss took around 4 hearts of you from one attack, and on top of all that you were against the clock.

Zelda "A Link to the Past", you got hit by a boss and you got punished.

Now we have Zelda TP, great game dont get me wrong. But that game wasn't difficult at all, especially bosses. I could swear bosses took 2 hearts away from you at MOST whereas in Zelda Oot, those armored knights, I forget their name, but they were mini bosses or something, took 6 hearts from one swipe.

Obviously this is probably due to the whole "trying to appeal to casual gamers" but lets face it casuals will never get into Zelda. So why not dedicate at least just this game to the hardcore gamers, or at least put a difficulty setting so that people looking for a challenge will actually see what the game over screen looks like.

Meh, just a little rant. And mainly cos I havent blogged in 2 years lol.

Mario Strikers Charged Friend Codes

Once again nintendo has decided to attach friend codes to every damn online game. But might as well make the most of it.

Anyways my friend code for this game is:


Just post your friend code here

Preferably, I would like friend codes from europe since anywhere else tends to lag.

Have you watched Heroes?

My cuz recommended this series to me and I have to say I wasn't disappointed at all. So I would like to recommend this series to everyone who hasn't watched it yet.

I loved it and season 2 is coming out soon so if you havent watched it yet this is the best time since you will be in time for the next season.

You can find the series on so check it out!

Now that E3 is over...time for game of the week!

To be honest, ninty didnt have the greatest E3 ever, and what they considered their main attraction, "wii fit", doesnt really interest me and I probably wont get it unless it comes free with a game I like.

Fortunately there were a few gameplay vids that were enjoyable so this are my top5 games for the wii and DS, in no particular order. I will do this every week since I cant be bothered to do it all at once :P

Super Mario Galaxy

Not only does this game look great but it looks like it will play great as well. It seems to have introduced a lot of new gameplay gimmicks especially with the new suits which also means that there could be much more and will mean that it used well could make mario galaxy a game to remember.

Also the gameplay videos also show that the planets are going to get very big which is a relief since many people including me were worried that this game may only take place on tiny little planets.

Also the camera looks perfect and with more games like this, camera buttons will never be needed again since this game always seems to adjust to give the best view possible

The Legend of Zelda - Phantom Hourglass

Being a big zelda fan I cant wait for this game. A year ago, no one would believe that this was possible on the DS but here it is! Story isnt set in Hyrule and is a sequel to wind waker and makes good use of the touch screen and works quite well, sice my friend let me try the import version.

The last 2d zelda was minish cap and what I like about 2d zeldas is that they tend to be harder than their 3d counterparts, this game is coming out 2007 so I and other DS owners should get ready for this

Exams are OVER!!!

Damn exams really take over your whole life. But my final A Level Exam was this Monday. I will probably be on gamespot a lot more and I can't wait until E3 2007 statrs!

Time to jump back into my unions, system wars, friends, outings and gaming :)

Two videos to watch!!!

People who are getting the wii or are thinking about getting the wii. Below is a vid that will show you some games that will be released for the wii for 2006 and 2007 and there are some games which seem to have been given a little polish like Project Hammer.


Also, here is a mario bros and GTA spoof from Robot Chicken that has been posted in forums. I nearly missed it and its a good thing I didnt because I got a good laugh from it. The vid is below.


I decided to blog these two videos since they are not really for any specific games to link them to in case you were wondering.

Enjoy and recommend!:D

P.S. I am still continuing my reviews!

I'm bursting with Zelda Hype!

Zelda TP is only 36 days away, well for me anyway since I live in the UK.

Because of my excitement though I've decided to update some of my images, I used MS paint for my banner so I am quite proud of it. I got the pic from the zelda ocarina of time manga which I never actually knew existed but I needed something zelda to calm me down:P

For people who want to read it

And this is the download you need to view the files

My header image is of the game which I know is going to own!

Right now I am replaying my favourite game of all time which is the legendary, zelda ocarina of time and I've just finished with the manga which actually was quite good.

Damn I cant wait for this AAA game to be released!

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