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I envy you. Last day before the game comes out, and I'm bored out of my mind.

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You do realize that if the game was more realistic, and Joker couldn't beat Doomsday, the game would be absolute shit. Only asolute idiots expect realism from videos games. If This game was completely acurate to the characters, everyone online would be playing Superman or Doomsday, the story would be terrible, and the game would be an utter failure. Not to mention the game hasen't come out yet, and Ed Boon has stated the fact that everyone is evenly matched is explained in the story. To sum up, stick with your "realistic games" (Non of which actually exist) and don't bother the rest of us who who like having fun.

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Unlike Mortal Kombat, the point of Injustice is that the characters from a certain universe are fighting, I dought there will be guest characters, especially considering the limitless amount of DC characters available.

Also, I don't want there to be exclusives on any consoles.

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I don't think the developers have 100% decided on the characters, so they are looking at the community for feedback.