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The life of a student

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I'm currently studying Industrial Engineering and i'm about to finish; on january i have to present my final investigation and that's it. I'll finish all the subjects by december 12th and will be free!!!

Bright side: I'll be an Industrial Engineer in no time! (i'll get my diploma on May/2012)

Dark side or bad side: I literally stopped my gaming, i haven't played for over a week in order to properly study and finish everything on time!! it's really really hard but thankfully it's paying off!

Nevertheless i'll stop playing until i finish everything! too bad i bought a month ago Uncharted 3 and battlefield 3 (ilegally cuz you know in Venezuela video games are illegal, you can check about it here: =[

but i have a lot to live! and i will play lots of game when the proper time comes!

Just wanted to let that out! it was killing me! phew =P

Tough life for a gamer

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Imagine living in a country where any game that has any sign of violence is illegal, where each videogame in store costs about 200$ and your salary is about 700$/month, where you see prices being drop in other places whereas here they keep going up, where the videogames takes up to 6 months after their release to arrive to stores (sometimes they never get here)...

That is the place i live in, it's hard as hell to play videogames and it's painful to watch all those awesome games coming out and knowing they'll never come here (Zelda, battlefield, Gears of war, metal gear).

Tough but that's life and i have to deal with it, still i want to get out of my country and be able to enjoy all games! That's my dream and i think the dream of all my friends here.