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Parting With My Favorite Video Game Chair.

Let me start off by saying that this is a SAD day in my life as a gamer! I find myself having to sell one of my most prized possessions: my favorite video game recliner, and I have to say that I'm pretty upset! To put things in perspective, I'm typically not a guy who gets sentimentally attached to non-living objects. For example, I couldn't wait to sell my first car when the opportunity came to get a new one. Normally, this would be a "misty-eyed" moment for a lot of people, but I couldn't get rid of "my ride" fast enough! Now, many years later, I mean, this chair is like the Cadillac of video game chairs!! It's a plush, cherry-red, super-comfortable recliner that has speakers embedded in each arm rest and a subwoofer underneath the seat. It has an input jack where I can plug in my Xbox 360 and pump the sounds of whatever game I was playing at full-blast. When playing games like COD 4, GTA 4, and Saint's Row, some of my neighbors would literally stop by my house to check on me because they heard gunshots! Yeah....this chair is THAT cool!

Now, just over 2 years after getting it, I have to...GULP!....get rid of it!!! Between me, my "significant other", and another much smaller "significant other" (my 2 year old son), there's just not enough space in my house anymore. This is combined with the fact that my 32-inch HDTV (Gears of War 2 looks INCREDIBLE on this thing!) has now been moved out of my "man-cave" and up to the family room, so my chair now faces an empty TV stand. To make matters worse, my "cave" is now being used as storage for old baby toys and boxes, and my chair is just sitting there, unloved, with a bunch of crap piled on top of it! I now have no choice but to sell it on Craigslist and hope it finds a home with another gamer who will give it the love that I can't. This is a sad, sad day.....